Filming in our local area


Bombo quarry rocks

The abundant natural attractions and man-made features in the region have seen many Location Managers place Kiama high on their list of preferred locations. Many television commercials have been wholly or partly filmed here in the last few years and feature films and student films have also used the Kiama area as a scenic location.

The area's proximity to Sydney (approximately 1.5 hours driving time from central Sydney) and availability of accommodation and other facilities make Kiama a preferred option for many filming companies.

Winding country road with view to ocean

Popular filming areas include:

Bombo Headland Quarry - This is an isolated and secure non-working quarry with spectacular rock walls and columns adjoining the ocean. 

Rural Roads - Many local roads are narrow and lightly trafficked, some with adjoining dry stone walls and often panoramic coastal and/or rural background views.

Beaches and Headlands - A number of ocean beaches with urban or rural background views and also grassed headlands, many with easy vehicular access.Beach with headland in background

Note - Council has a policy of restricting vehicles and animals on beaches

Kiama Harbour - A small harbour with a number of fishing vessels and sailing boats. There is ample parking for production crews nearby.

Filming conditions

Each applicationis assessed on its merits and likely impact upon the residents and the environment. Aerial view of Kiama Harbour back to mountains
Standard conditions (which may be altered subject to negotiation) include:

  • Fees and charges apply for filming in the Kiama Local Government Area.
  • The applicant is to produce a current Public Risk Policy with a minimum indemnity of $20 million.
  • Council to be absolved from any liability in respect to injury or loss suffered by the applicant and/or his servants whilst on the land.
  • A fee of $100 will be charged for any keys borrowed from but not returned to Council.
  • In the event of this permit being cancelled, $50 of the original fee will be retained to cover administration costs.View over Storm Bay to lighthouse
  • Vehicles are restricted to defined parking areas and/or access roads.
  • No trees, shrubs or other vegetation are to be removed, lopped or damaged.
  • No interference with public enjoyment or usage of land is permitted.
  • All operations are to be confined to the period between sunrise and sunset.
  • Use of firearms, explosives or the lighting of fires is prohibited.
  • All rubbish is to be removed and the land to be left in a clean and tidy condition.Rock pool
  • The closing of any public road to normal uses or disruption to traffic for extensive periods will require the permission of the Traffic Committee and Police and should be requested at east one month in advance.
  • Applications must be lodged at least five (5) working days prior to filming.
  • A listing of filming locations and times is to be submitted prior to commencement.