image of open bookA few hints  op-shop-trolley-icon_5239234133602704311.png   photo of yellow lid recycling bin

  • give your old books a new home by donating them to a local charity, school or a friend.
  • you can also sell your books through internet / notice boards and at second hand book stores.
  • trade them through organisations over the internet such as Book Crossing, the world's biggest free book club. Visit
  • share books amongst friends
  • donate to Lifeline South Coast's giant book fair held twice a year in Wollongong
  • throw a book swap party.

If your books are unusable, you can recycle books made entirely out of paper and cardboard in your yellow lid recycling bin. Make sure to remove any metal binding and plastic coatings and place these in your red lid landfill bin.

Phonebooks can also be placed in your yellow lid recycling bin.