Flora & Fauna


Threatened species

Information on threatened flora and fauna in the Kiama Municipality is available in:

NSW Wildlife Atlas (Bionet)
The Natural Vegetation in the Municipality of Kiama New South Wales
The Fauna of Kiama: Municipality of Kiama, South Coast New South Wales

Endangered Ecological Community

An Endangered Ecological Community is an ecological community (a grouping of species, including plants and animals, that occupy a particular area) identified as facing a high risk of extinction.

Legislation that identifies Endangered Ecological Communities is:

  • Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995
  • Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

These Act list:

  • threatened species
  • endangered populations
  • critical habitat
  • key threatening processes.

Endangered Ecological Communities identified in the Kiama Local Government Area are:

  • Robertson Rainforest
  • Melaleuca armillaris Tall Shrubland
  • Illawarra Sub-Tropical Rainforest
  • Littoral Rainforest
  • Swamp Sclerophyll Forest on Coastal Floodplains
  • Swamp Oak Floodplain Forest
  • Freshwater Wetlands on Coastal Floodplains
  • Coastal Saltmarsh
  • Illawarra Lowland Grassy Woodlands
  • Robertson Basalt Tall Open Forest
  • Bangalay Sand Forest
  • Themeda grassland on seacliffs and coastal headlands.

These communities within the Kiama and Illawarra areas are identified in

For more information on threatened species and ecological communities visit:

 Office of Environment & Heritage website.

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