Council's emission reduction plan


Our contributionphoto of the solar panels on top of the Council administration building in Manning Street, Kiama

The Kiama Municipal Council Administration Building 10kW solar photovoltaic system (PV system) was installed over the months of May and June in 2011 and started producing renewable energy for the building on 1 August 2011.

The PV system is expected to produce an estimated 15,060 kWh of electricity per annum, which is approximately 5% of the Administration Building's energy consumption.  Over the next 30 years the system will produce approximately 408,400 kWh of electricity for an estimated cost of 13 cents per kilowatt hour.

The energy produced by the photovoltaic system will be fully utilised within the Council Administration Building and there will be no exportation of electricity to the grid. This will maximise the benefit of the system which will be producing its maximum output at the peak times of use at the site.

The 10kW photovoltaic system was installed under the Waste and Sustainability Improvement Payments (WaSIP) program.  This program is administered by the Office of Environment and Heritage and encourages councils to meet certain standards and requirements around waste and sustainability within the community and Council as an organisation.

Kiama Council 10kW photovoltaic system production:

Date Kilowatt hours running total
August 2015 62,106
July 2015 61,113
April 2015 58,398
January 2015 55,109
October 2014 50,728
July 2014 45,696
April 2014 42,830
January 2014 38,858
October 2013 33,993
July 2013 30,271
April 2013 27,320
February 2013 24,660
January 2013 23,104
December 2012 21,625
November 2011 4,100


Our green fleet guidelines

In 2011, Green Fleet Guidelines for Kiama Municipal Council were developed as part of the WaSIP program.  The main objectives of the Green Fleet Guidelines is to reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impacts by:

  • utilising biodiesel for Council operational vehicles, plant and equipment
  • making every effort to obtain the highest star rated vehicles as measured by the Green Vehicle Guide, and aiming for an average star rating of 4.5 stars by 2015/16
  • using ecologically sensitive products, such as coolants and re-refined oils, when servicing vehicles.

photo of the biodiesel tank at the Council Works Depot in Belvedere Street, Kiama


Biodiesel tank installed at our Works Depot

We have a self bunded above ground fuel tank installed at our Works Depot specifically for biodiesel.  We run our operational vehicles, plant and equipment on a soy biodiesel B80 blend.


Energy efficient lighting upgrade to our Works Depot

As part of the WaSIP program, we identified there was an opportunity to significantly reduce the energy consumption at our Works Depot by replacing old, inefficient high bay lighting with more modern energy efficient lighting.  Forty 400W mercury vapour high bay lights were replaced with 160W high bay induction lights.  

Apart from the immediate reduction in energy consumption due to the decrease in wattage of the lights, another advantage of the new lights is being able to switch the lights on and off when not in use.  This was not possible with the old lights due to long warm up and warm down times.


Consumption reduction at Top 10 sites

As well as the above mentioned projects, we have identified our top 10 energy consuming sites and are identifying actions which can be undertaken to reduce the energy consumption at these sites. These measures will be implemented as grants and internal funding becomes available.

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