Stormwater Management


icon representing water dropAbout stormwater

Stormwater runoff can carry many pollutants from diffuse sources including nutrients, sediments and gross pollutants.  Stormwater management in the Kiama Municipality is important to not only protect the ecosystems where the stormwater discharges, but to also stop stormwater systems from becoming clogged and overflowing.

Water Sensitive Urban Design Policy

Kiama Council has adopted a Water Sensitive Urban Design Policy. The Water Sensitive Urban Design Policy aims to incorporate principles such as:

  • stormwater source control
  • stormwater and wastewater re-use
  • potable water demand reduction
  • utilisation of natural flow paths
  • drainage measures with pervious surfaces.

Council developed the Water Sensitive Urban Design Policy to ensure that building design and development incorporates effective water and soil management measures to implement such principles.

Council has also completed a number of projects to improve the quality of stormwater flowing to the environment such as the sand filter and Enviropods in the Kiama central business district and a Stormwater re-use system.

Black Beach Stormwater Project

A series of stormwater pit litter traps have been installed in 106 drains in the Kiama Central Business District as part of the Black Beach Catchment Caretakers Project, which was assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Stormwater Trust. These pit traps, called Enviropods (at-source stormwater entry-pit pollutant traps), capture gross pollutants such as litter and organic matter, preventing them from flowing through the stormwater system into the ocean at Black Beach.

In addition to the Enviropods, Council also installed a sand filter in Hindmarsh Park, Kiama, to capture finer pollutants such as metals, phosphorus and hydrocarbons. The underground system, which is grassed and trafficable by pedestrians, includes permeable concrete pipes that are chemically and physically enhanced to promote the removal of such pollutants.

Stage 3 of the project was to install a 280,000 litre capacity underground collection tank for the irrigation of Black Beach and Hindmarsh Park.  The tank works in conjunction with the award winning Black Beach Stormwater project, capturing water after it flows through the gross pollutant traps and sand filtration system in Hindmarsh Park.

Stormwater Management Plan

Kiama Municipal Council prepared a Stormwater Management Plan in 1999 in accordance with the requirements of Section 12 of the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991. In 2003 this plan was reviewed.

The purpose of the Plan is to:

  • satisfy the requirements of Section 12 of the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991
  • establish a framework to guide current and future stormwater management planning in the Kiama Local Government Area
  • collate and concisely present the most relevant information that will aid informed stormwater management for the Kiama Local Government Area
  • suggest actions that will minimise environmental impacts from stormwater runoff.

Kiama’s water harvest system was the first of the Sustainable Illawarra projects funded by the $1million grant from the NSW Environment Trust to be equally shared between Kiama, Shellharbour and Wollongong councils.

Problems with your stormwater system?

Stormwater runoff and drainage can be a source of problems for some residents, especially if they believe the water is coming from another property. We understand that this can create friction between neighbours and we do our best to ensure that proper action is taken if required.

We have produced an informative fact sheet on drainage and stormwater management. The matrix on the back page will help you determine who to contact in relation to problems.


14 Jun 2016