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Our fact sheets

We produce fact sheets focusing on the current issues in the areas of environment, waste minimisation and health.

Other informative brochures relating to specific issues and projects are available free of charge at the our Administration Centre.  We also provide information at many Council events.

Food and waste fact sheets

Other Links & Contacts

Sydney Food Fairness Alliance
An alliance active in promoting a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable food system in the Sydney region. Great fact sheets.

Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network
Inspiration from around the country from people making new friends, unwinding, learning and growing food together.

The North Wollongong PCYC Community Garden
Run by volunteers, they have a working bee and communal lunch on the first Sunday of each month.

Dapto Community Organic Farm
Here you can hire a certified organic veggie plot. Call Margaret on (02) 4272 5563 for more details or visit the farm at 29 Darkes Road, Dapto on any Sunday between 10am - 2pm

True Food Network
If you are concerned about the impacts of genetically engineered food, you can find out more information here.

Australian Marine Conservation Society
1800 066 299
Not-for-profit charity working to protect the oceans and make our fisheries sustainable. Publishes Sustainable Seafood Guide.

Permaculture Principles
Find out about principles that allow us to creatively re-design our environment and behaviour in a world of less energy and resources.

Seed Savers Network
(02) 6685 6624
Dedicated to preserving the genetic basis of tomorrow?s food. Find your local seed saver groups to exchange seeds!and viewing.

Shop Ethical! Guide to Supermarket Shopping
A handy pocket guide that evaluates the social and environmental impact of different companies, and let us you know which brands are a 'better buy' and which should be avoided. Order the guide on line at or download the App for iPhone and Android.

Inspiring blogs of local backyard growers

GreenChange - A suburban sustainability blog, featuring a Kiama 'Super Challenge' family
Happy Earth - Follow a young couple from Unanderra on their Adventure in Urban Sustainability.

Recommended reading

Fabulous Food From Every Small Garden
Mary Horsfall (editor of Grass Roots magazine) shows you how to grow food at home in even the smallest of spaces. Includes instructions on successfully growing food plants from seeds, improving the soil, organic pest and weed control and efficient watering methods. Order on-line at

ABC Organic Gardener magazine
An off-shoot of the popular ABC program Gardening Australia, filled with simple and inspiring ideas to get your edible garden blooming - without harmful chemicals.

The Australian Fruit and Vegetable Garden
Clive Blazey. The founder of the Diggers Club lays out a garden design incorporating crop rotation, with extensive growers notes for 100s of species.

Discovering Fruit & Nuts
Susanna Lyle. An encyclopaedia of plants bearing edible fruits and seeds, this book is sumptuous enough to be a coffee table favourite.

The Seed Savers Handbook
Jude and Michel Fanton. The seminal guide to growing, selecting, harvesting and storing seeds of edible and useful plants in Australia.

The Permaculture Home Garden
Linda Woodrow. A great starting point for incorporating permaculture principles into your own backyard.

Lawns Into Lunch
Jill Finnane. Inspiration for turning that water-hungry 'green cancer' into a productive paradise!

Backyard Poultry Naturally
Allana Moore. Packed with all you need to know about keeping happy, healthy, chooks in your backyard.

Harvest for Hope, a Guide To Mindful Eating
Jane Goodall - A fantastic insight into the global food system and ideas on how we can best create a healthier, more sustainable food system.

Recommended viewing

The Meatrix
A short, engaging animation exploring the realities of factory farming, and promotes ethical meat production.

Store Wars
An amusing five minute mini-movie following the adventures of animated organic vegetable heroes Ham Solo, Chewbroccoli and Cuke Skywalker.

Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
This 2006 film has become inspirational all over the world for its exploration of the Cuban response to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Through the hardships and struggles, Cubans made a transition from a highly mechanised industrial agriculture system to one using organic methods of farming and local organic gardens.

Future of Food
Provides an excellent overview of issues being raised by genetically modified foods. It is both a guide for consumers, and a critique of the global food production issues which are driving debate.

Black and Gold - A film about coffee and trade
In this eye-opening expose of the multi-billion dollar industry, Black Gold traces one man's inspiring fight for a fair price for Ethiopian coffee growers.

Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi
In September 2008 Seed Savers released Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi - a fifty-seven minute film that celebrates traditional food plants and the people that grow them.

Homegrown Revolution
Homegrown Revolution is a short informational introduction to an amazing project that has been called a new revolution in urban sustainability. In the midst of a densely urban setting in downtown Pasadena, for over twenty years, the Dervaes family have transformed their home into an urban homestead and a model for sustainable agriculture and urban living.


04 Jan 2018