Ken Donnellan Local History Competition

'The water was ice cold, freezing our legs as we ran, firing into the night. Gunshots every where, bodies falling, crumbling as if they were nothing, not knowing wether I would live or die.'  - From 'A letter home' by Pippi McInnes, Jamberoo Public School

The inaugural Ken Donnellan Memorial Local History Competition has been a huge success. We received many moving and insightful creative writing pieces about World War 1 from Stage 3 students at our local primary schools.

The competition asked the children to 'Imagine you are a World War 1 soldier in the trenches in a war zone. You are keeping a diary entry of your daily activities so you can show your family when you return home'. Some of the children chose to write a letter to their family at home and detailed their daily routine. Others described friendships between soldiers and the horrors of battle.

We had almost 60 entries from across four local schools. A winner was chosen from each school as well as two highly commended.

The diary entries from the finalists can be read below.

Ss Peter and Paul Catholic SchoolRemembrance poppies

   - Elias Oldfield

   - Lily Gazzard

   - Noah Parker

Kiama Public School

  - Laura Ellis

  - Molly Simpson

  - Scarlett Hill

Gerringong Public SchoolKen Donnellan, Kiama Library 2015

  - Kate Evans

  - Mia Reiten

  - Sam Le

Jamberoo Public School

  Clare Smith

  - Jack Maguire

  - Pippi McInnes