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On this day or week in Kiama:


 Jan 1889 Charles Jackson (1889) tightrope walked across the blowhole in Kiama. 
 Jan 2 1903  The crown butter factory in Gerringong received an order for 150 boxes of butter for South Africa
 Jan 4 1942  Radar Station No. 18 started operation on Saddleback Mountain Road, Jamberoo
 Jan 5 1841  A post office opened in Kiama - first postmaster George Hindmarsh
 Jan 8 1936  Clifford Holz rescued Mavis Gibbs from drowning at Porters Garden Beach.
 Jan 11 1933   Charles Kingsford Smith flew from 7 mile beach Gerroa to New Zealand - historic trans Tasman flight which took 14hrs 10min
 Jan 15 1898  Lecture on “How to read heads” - Professor Robert White visited Kiama and gave an interesting talk on phrenology 
 Jan 15 1927  Kiama’s first motorised ambulance was presented to the community.
 Jan 26 1948  Beer boycott on the south coast ended after 25 hotels were boycotted.
 Jan 27 1846  Illawarra ploughing match at Dapto won by Menzies  of Jamberoo 
 Jan 28 1893  Article about the blowhole during a storm
 Jan 12 1841  Post Office in Kiama established
 Jan 23 1851  Kiama is the larder of the colony.
 Jan 25 1855  The first hint of a harbour for Kiama


 Feb 1849 Kiama held first show 
 Feb 1909  Kiama cycle club established, with 40 members. Held road races from Kiama to Jamberoo and back again.
 Feb 1944  Kiama was honoured when a corvette from the Royal Australian Navy was named after the town.  The HMAS Kiama visited Kiama for a civic reception.
 Feb 2 1845  First agricultural society exhibition 
 Feb 16 1839  Plan for Kiama township approved by governor
 Feb 22 1925  Electricity used for the first time in Presbyterian Church. 
 Feb 22 1949  The “Bombo”, blue metal boat out of Kiama, bound for Sydney sinks off Wollongong.  Only two of the fourteen crew members reached shore alive.
 Feb 24 1888  Butter and cheese cooperative factory proposed.  Meeting in School of Arts with 20 farmers present
 Feb 26 1879  Runaway horses down Terralong Street. 2 young horses being trained took off. One was seriously injured whilst the young trainer hit his head and had blood flowing from his ears.  They almost collided with a stage coach.
 Feb 26 1935  Bus crash at Jamberoo.
 Feb 28 1920   Returned soldiers make ‘convenient crossing for vehicular traffic’ at Crooked River 
 Feb 4 1842  Advice for newly arrived immigrants to the Illawarra
 Feb 12 1844  Kiama's first Magistrates Court opened
 Feb 15 1853  Aboriginal languages intriguing and sophisticated


 Mar 1858 Jamberoo School opened at Jerrara Creek 
 Mar 1892  At Weary Creek, Gerringong. Accident. A man named Michael Walsh met with a serious gun accident when out shooting. By some unaccountable means the gun went off, severely shattering the hand, face, and breast of the unfortunate man, who managed, however, to crawl to a workman's tent in the neighbourhood, when he was placed in a cart and taken to the local cottage hospital, where he is progressing favourably.
 Mar 1895  Gerringong didn’t get a doctor until Dr Kruger set up practice in 1895.
 Mar 1925  Speed trials were conducted on 7 mile beach Gerringong speedway. Local History Article.
 Mar 1928  Electricity switched in Gerringong. 
 Mar 1954  Populations: Kiama -2400, Gerringong - 1058, Jamberoo - 894; Total - 4352
 Mar 5 1887  Butter factory to be erected on farm of John Moffitt (part of the Berry Estate) near Crooked River
 Mar 6 1842  Weatherboard Church of England opened - first church in Jamberoo.
 Mar 14 1908  Formation of the Kiama Surf Bathers Club - but all were required to wear neck to knee costumes. 
 Mar 22 1870  The barque Rangoon was wrecked on Stack Island Minnamurra. Island is now known as Rangoon due to this wreck
 Mar 27 1894  Spectators at the swimming carnival at the swimming bathes, blowhole point
 Mar 31 1892  East Kiama became the Borough of Kiama, and the Municipality of Kiama changed to the Municipality of Jamberoo. The first Mayor of Kiama East Borough was Mr W. Cocks, with Mr R. W. Walker the last Mayor before amalgamation. Mr C.W Craig was the first Mayor of  Jamberoo and Mr C. R Chittick was the last Jamberoo Mayor before amalgamation.
 Mar 24 1840  Bushrangers living in the Illawarra.
 Mar 18 1847  Established Orange Lodge has a new song for Kiama
 Mar 18 1854  Site "fixed upon" for township of 'Geringong'
 Mar 3 1855  Obstructive land system 1, 2, 3, 4


 Apr 1880 Mr Burton’s Circus” visited Kiama 
 Apr 1910  Parkers Electric Pictures screened at Kiama Showground hall for the first time.
 Apr 1 1857  Gerringong post office opened-services were by horseback to Kiama and Broughton creek
 Apr 12 1934  Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, and lady Kingsford Smith had to spend the night at Gerringong en route to Melbourne due to heavy rain and poor visibility. Perfect landing on 7 mile beach. 
 Apr 15 1936  Man fell into a Kiama quarry and lay for 12 hours, in cold water with fractured legs and arm, until found the next morning.
 Apr 15 1934  9.91 inches of rain fell in Kiama and created mayhem, with blocked railway tunnels, Gerringong Railway Bridge. 
 Apr 23 1770  Captain Cook on the Endeavour, passed by Kiama
 Apr 24 1858  First newspaper in district, the Kiama Examiner.
 Apr 24 1871  The Municipality of Broughton Vale and the Municipality of Gerringong were declared, breaking up the original Council 11 years after it was created. Kiama and Jamberoo wards remaining as  Kiama Municipality. Mr M. E. Robson was the first Mayor of Gerringong and Mr G. E Chittick was the last mayor of Gerringong.  Mr Chittick became the  Mayor of the amalgamated Kiama Council in 1954.
 Apr 27 1977  Kiama telephone exchange switched to a $600,000 automated service.
 Apr 28 1888  South coast medical association established. Medical practitioners from Kiama to the Shoalhaven for sharing of scientific and professional ideas
 Apr 29 1924  Human remains found at Kiama blowhole.
 Apr 27 1842  Temperance and teetotalism defied in Kiama.
 Apr 6 1842  Kiama becomes Illawarra's second most important port after Wollongong
 Apr 5 1848  General Report of Illawarra sees Kiama excel.
 Apr 17 1852  Governor-General appoints town constable for Kiama
 Apr 12 1853  Local innkeeper drowns.
 April 1 1854  First recorded game of cricket between Kiama and Jamberoo.


 May 1890 Bombo school opened. First teacher was Walter Craig. 
 May 1910  Jamberoo tennis club officially opened. 
 May 1984  Kiama Post Office gets painted salmon pink. (Kiama Independent 30/5/1984)
 May 5 1931  Electricity in Jamberoo with fst building being the Church of England.
 May 6 1858  Teetotal meeting at Kiama Church of England
 May 7 1847  Profitable coal seams found in Jamberoo.
 May 11 1984  Omega Station decommissioned. 
 May 17 1858  Total abstinence meeting at Presbyterian Church
 May 18 1887  Typhoid outbreak in Kiama
 May 19 1856  Meeting of Young Men’s Literary and Debating Society in Kiama.
 May 23 1887  Hospital opened in Kiama
 May 25 1857  Road between Kiama and Jamberoo described as a chain of ponds - much road work required
 May 28 1912  Eureka Quarry explosion, killing 6 and injuring 2. Premature explosion of gelignite - led to a union meeting to look at safer work conditions and a relief fund for their families.
 May 31 1872  The Kiama Municipality was divided into 3 wards, Kiama, Southern and Jamberoo.
 May 17 1836  Murder in Kiama. Skulduggery involved.


 Jun 1984 Protests outside the Kiama Post Office, petition signed by more than 600 residents to repaint the post office. 
 Jun 1 1893  Kiama Railway Station officially opened
 Jun 8 1871  First election of The Gerringong Municipal Council held. 9 councillors elected, led by Mayor M.E.Robson.
 Jun 2 1954  Kiama Municipality proclaimed amalgamation of Kiama, Gerringong, and Jamberoo. The population at the time of amalgamation was Kiama; 2400, Gerringong; 1058 and Jamberoo; 892.
 Jun 4 1859  Shellharbour formed its own Council 
 Jun 6 1918  Kiama Public School P & C Association formed – Mayor W Cornford elected Kiama P & C’s foundation president
 Jun 8 1901  The Purple Robe - Kiama library refused to remove this text from collection – although it was identified as an insult to catholic sensitivities. 
read the book at open library  and discover why it might have been banned.
 Jun 12 1860  Influenza epidemic in Kiama
 Jun 15 1864  Department for Public Works called for tenders for the excavation of Kiama harbour
 Jun 15 1897  Conference at Kiama of agricultural societies of the south coast.
 Jun 16 1881  The stone trade of Kiama -During the past six months (says the Shoalhaven News) the blue metal trade at Kiama has been assuming large dimensions, affording satisfactory employment to a number of local and other men, There are three batteries at work crushing the stone, and a fleet of sailing vessels, and a convenient screw steamer, at present engaged conveying the stone to Sydney, but even then the demand cannot be met. The industry is proving highly beneficial to the district.
 Jun 16 1892  Jamberoo was said to be a land of butter factories
 Jun 17 1859  Nominations called for a member for Kiama to serve in new parliament
 Jun 17 1869  Mr Henry Lee of Gerringong died after being kicked by his horse in the abdomen. Doctor had to travel from Kiama to see him
 Jun 17 1869  £600 granted for construction of jetty in Gerringong
 Jun 18 1853  The only doctor in the area, Dr Parrot was out to see an injured man, when his horse slipped and fell. The horse then rolled on Dr Parrot, killing him. The injured man Mr Willet survived.
 Jun 18 1884  Kiama Pioneer Butter Factory opened - was first co-operative butter factory, not only in NSW but in the Southern Hemisphere
 Jun 19 1867  Article appeared in Sydney Morning Herald about a trip to Kiama via steamboat for a holiday
 Jun 21 1866  New bridge over creek at Bush Bank.
 Jun 21 1866  Kiama Independent reports Gerringong to Crooked River road in fearful state
 Jun 24 1954  The Provisional Council held first meeting, with Aldermen from the former Gerringong, Jamberoo and Kiama councils.  G. E Chittick  (former Mayor of Gerringong) acted as the provisional mayor of the new Kiama Council. Harold Lyons (Kiama Town Clerk for 17 yrs) continued as Town Clerk.
 Jun 28 1924  Antrim Theatre was officially opened by Mr M F Morton, MLA. The first picture screened was ‘The covered wagon’.  The projectionist was Mr Frank Tuohy who was to hold this position at the theatre under different owners and managers for the next 37 years. 
 Jun 11 1839  Cutter "Maid of the Mill" sinks off Kiama coast
 Jun 17 1847  Mooring chains obtained from NSW Government for Kiama Harbour.
 Jun 18 1853  Only residential doctor dies.
 Jun 11 1855  Proposal for communications and national security using the telegraph.


 Jul 1830 Robert Hoddle set off to survey a route from Southern Highlands to Kiama Harbour 
 Jul 1903  The first Kiama Golf Club established on Chapman Point, Kiama.
 Jul 1913  Winter skating was held at Gerringong School of Arts.
 Jul 1 1872  Major fire at Gerringong Commercial district.
 Jul 2 1852  Post office opened in Jamberoo - First postmaster  R.H Owen.
 Jul 3 1858  New punt for the Minnamurra River
 Jul 5 1858  Kiama theological society formed
 Jul 5 1871  First meeting of the Gerringong Municipal Council held in the Lanterrick Hotel, which, in the absence of an official meeting place, served as the council chambers over the ensuing months.
 Jul 22 1890  2 Kiama aldermen were in Kiama court for cross cases of assault
 Jul 23 1856  Bush Bank Steam Mill (south of Kiama) commenced operations - milling locally grown wheat.  The ruins can still be seen today.
 Jul 26 1890  Boxing gloves were presented to Kiama council meeting due to the altercations and problems amongst the aldermen
 Jul 15 1841  Inaugural meeting to plan a jetty and harbour at Kiama
 Jul 5 1852  Big storms hit Kiama


 Aug 1893  Nationwide measles pandemic
 Aug 1862  By the 1862 Kiama Census there was quite a local community with 5486 people living in the Municipality, with almost half of those under 15 years.
 Aug 1927  Thomas Newing died - built Foxground’s 1st stone wall in 1857, after arriving here from Kent, England. He built the dry stone walls in the municipality by hand and by himself, with assistance from his son-in-law.
 Aug 1 1881  Mr John Black Esq, Kiama mayor died whilst giving a Sunday school sermon.
 Aug 1 1883  Disastrous bushfire at Gerringong, aided by strong winds
 Aug 6 1882  The Church of St. Mary, Star of the Sea, was formally opened at about 11am on Sunday.
 Aug 7 1873  Meeting at Boatharbour store to consider the establishment of a public school at Gerringong.  Schools already in the neighbourhood at Omega and Toolijooa but too far from Gerringong
 Aug 9 1905  First Kiama Arbour Day - more than 2000 residents planted 500 trees, in the township
 Aug 11 1859  Municipality of Kiama proclaimed and three wards created, Kiama, Jamberoo and Gerringong.
 Aug 11 1902  First motor vehicle to pass through Kiama.
 Aug 20 1831  Sydney Morning Herald reports that nine Kiama settlers wrote to W N Gray, Police Magistrate of Wollongong, pointing out that blacks steal whole acres of corn at night and also pigs.  Ottons’s stockman caught ‘Black Harry’ with a pig and ‘ Captain Brooks’ with spears and tomahawk, but they escaped 
 Aug 20 1919  Motor fatality on Macquarie pass, Kiama doctor needed to attend
 Aug 21 1890  Inquiry into separation of the Kiama municipality into 3 new municipalities.  Debts owed by Kiama, Jamberoo and Gerringong 
 Aug 26 1907  Council supported the request for a tram between Kiama and Jamberoo
 Aug 29 1938  The lovely timber showground pavilion was destroyed by fire.
 Aug 22 1835  Trouble with Illawarra blacks
 Aug 20 1839  Road from to Camden proposed


 Sept 1869 Kiama district apparently experienced snowstorms - mountains around Jamberoo and saddleback were covered.  
 Sept 1897  Announcement of a plan to construct a proper road through Macquarie Pass, linking the South Coast with the Southern Highlands.
 Sept 1908  Young Men’s Institute established in Gerringong to promote self – culture and a reading habit among young people.
 Sept 1909  Central Park Tennis Club established in Kiama.
 Sept 1912  Skating carnival held at Kiama Agricultural Hall.
 Sept 13 1898  A visit to Kiama of Bristol’s Great American Circus, with its own train.
 Sept 1889  The ketch Ino sinks in Kiama Harbour.
 Sept 20 1876  Kiama harbour opened after 16 yrs agitation and work. 
 Sept 21 1945  Radar Station No. 18 ceased operation at Saddleback Mountain Road, Jamberoo (Local History Article)
 Sept 26 1859  The first meeting of Kiama Municipal Council was held at Adams Hotel, Kiama
 Sept 21 1849  Criminal statistics show activity low in Kiama
 Sept 7 1855  Travelling through the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Kiama.
 Sept 24 1855  Proposal for a new "Illawarra Mercury" newspaper
 Sept 28 1855  A trip to the shoalhaven


 Oct 1 1899  Fire in Terralong Street. Destroys 15 premises (Local History Article)
 Oct 1819  Surveyor-General John Oxley explored the Kiama coastline by sea, Deputy-Surveyor James Meehan travelled by land. Oxley called the area Kiarami
 Oct 1891  Terrible epidemic of influenza
 Oct 1893  Kiama photographer Henry Holden was awarded a diploma and bronze medal from the World Fair in Chicago for a ‘handsome work of art’  (Local History Article)
 Oct 1919  Record number of vehicles to pass through the town - 12 in 2hrs 
 Oct 3 1888  Railway line from Bombo to Kiama officially opened. (Local History Article)
 Oct 17 1925  Don Harkness broke the 100mph barrier on 7 mile beach.
 Oct 8 1985  First home in Kiama connected to a sewerage scheme.  New homes in Kiama downs were connected when they were built 
 Oct 12 2012  Snow fell in Gerringong/Gerroa – violent and stormy weather caused unseasonal cold snap
 Oct 13 1864  Kiama Young Men’s Improvement Society was established with Mr Robert Kendall to read his essay titled “Does education contribute to the happiness of man?”
 Oct 13 1868  On Saturday night Mr. Parkes addressed a large meeting of his constituents at Mr. W. Curry's Hotel, Jamberoo.  Repeats his famous “Kiama Ghost Speech”
 Oct 10 1890  A grand ball to celebrate the official opening of the magnificent Oddfellows Hall built on the corner of Terralong and Collins Street, Kiama.
 Oct 18 1866  Mr Robb held the first sugar cane crushing at his property, Riversdale
 Oct 20 1860  A meeting to petition the government to create a general cemetery for the district.
 Oct 20 1893  Meeting to establish the Kiama School of Arts
 Oct 20 1979  Brighton Hotel shut doors for last time. Demolished 1980
 Oct 25 1939  Gerringong Rural Electricity Scheme switched on.
 Oct 31 1923  Gerringong council asks for Seven Mile Beach brush frontage to be proclaimed a bird sanctuary – birds include swans and brush pheasants.
 Oct 16 1855  A very pleasant trip to Kiama and environs
 Oct 22 1855  An early description of the blowhole, "Natural Wonder of Kiama"
 Oct 24 1855  Unsafe moorings for ships in Kiama


 Nov 1874 Gerringong Arms Inn opened as did the Gerringong free library 
 Nov 1898  Water supply meeting for Kiama – pipe head established at Fountaindale Creek to direct water to town reservoir
 Nov 1909  Brakes on the Atkin's family vehicle failed on their descent down Jamberoo Mountain Road.
 Nov 9 1887  Railway line from Sydney to Bombo opened. There was a push to establish a railway station in Kiama town - officially opened on October 3 1888
 Nov 17 1948  Grand opening of the new Gerringong town hall
 Nov 18 1890  Visit by the Labour Unions of Sydney to the railway workers camps to extol the necessity of unity. Their intention was to form an affiliated union of all trades in the various colonies.
 Nov 19 1921  The Gerringong library was relocated to the newly built RSL Hall (corner of Fern and Belinda St). Soldiers Hall opened.
 Nov 30 1871  Robert Baker Fry went fishing off the rocks near the sea cave and was apparently washed from the rocks and drowned. Cave named after him
 Nov 1816  The first Illawarra land grants were issued
 Nov 10 1854  1st Anniversary of Kiama's Total Abstinence Society.


 Dec 1826 9/10 of all cedar shipped to Sydney came from Kiama area 
 Dec 1862  Kiama Census there was quite a local community with 5486 people living in the Municipality, with almost half of those under 15 years.
 Dec 1893  Establishment of the Kiama Swimming Club and completion of the new public baths regarded as one of the finest in the colony, with spring boards and sluice valve.
 Dec 1911  Kiama Surf Club was formed: role was to check for anything improper or unbecoming and regulate surf bathing.
 Dec 1915  It was agreed that "the baths and surfing were the greatest pleasure of a holiday in Kiama". 
 Dec 1 1988  Birrilee maternity unit at Kiama Hospital closes after 101 years. The last baby born was on Nov 30 1988-a girl named Alexandra
 Dec 6 1797  George Bass wrote in his journal about the Kiama Blowhole. 
 Dec 13 1858  A committee recommended whole of police district (Kiama, Jamberoo, Gerringong, Broughton Vale, Shellharbour, Terry’s Meadow and Honey Creek).
 Dec 21 1892  The new Foxground Butter Factory burnt to the ground
 Dec 26 1893  Minnamurra tragedy as 7 people drowned, including Captain Thomas Honey when swept to the river mouth 
 Dec 29 1889  The schooner the "Scotia" was wrecked on blowhole point. All men saved.
 Dec 18 1851  1851 census results.
 Dec 6 1849  Kiama is developing quickly within the Illawarra district