Exposing the past

loves-beach-werri-layersNumerous layers of ancient volcanic rocks cover large areas in the Kiama area. It is like a huge cake with layers of ancient lava flows and sandstones known as the ‘Gerringong Volcanics’. 

The lava layers consist of a type of rock known as latite. The rocks that are exposed along the coast were laid down around 50 million years before dinosaurs roamed the earth. The end of this period (Permian) 225 million years ago, marks a time when there were mass extinctions of marine 
animals, some of which lay embedded as fossils in the rock platforms and cliffs.

'Westley Park Sandstone' forms the cliffs and rock platforms. Volcanic extrusions capped the sandstone and pushed through fissures in the rocks to form ‘dykes’. Sea caves in the cliffs and straight channels in the sandstone rock platforms were formed when the volcanic rock, that 
made up large and small dykes, eroded.

This plaque is one of many found around the district. The plaques discribe the history of their locations. They were commissioned by Kiama Council in 2009.

If you had seen them around, you are welcome to have a look at the collection of plaques in the district.