Walking tours

Step back in time and take a walk around our town. Learn about the history of some of the beautiful old buildings, through words, photos and oral histories. 
Listen to people's memories of the living and working in our local area, from taking part in the local agricultural show in the 1940s to what happened when the circus came to town.

The library now has three walking apps available for you to download.

  • Lloyd Rees: the man, the landscape and his art
    This tour introduces you to locations in Gerringong and the surrounds where celebrated landscape artist Lloyd Rees created his significant South Coast works.
  • My Place: a digital tour of Kiama
    This tour guides you through life in Kiama in earlier years through the eyes and ears of its residents - both past and present.
  • Remembering Charmian Clift  
    This tour will guide you through the many places in Kiama that were important in the life of Charmian Clift. Charmian was born in Kiama in 1923 and spent all of her childhood years here in 'North Kiama'. She was the youngest of three children, Margaret & Barre were her siblings. Her father, Syd Clift was the resident engineer at the NSW Railway Commissioners quarry on Bombo Headland. Charmian's writings were inspired and influenced by her carefree childhood in Kiama, and the unique surrounding landscape that made up 'North Kiama'.

The app can be downloaded onto any device for free. Click on the links above to download each app, or for Apple devices use the App Store, or Play Store for Android devices. Search for 'Kiama library tour' to download the app.


Walking app