What happens once I submit my DA?


How long does approval take?

We aim to have your DA processed within a maximum of 40 days. This depends on its complexity and the number of submissions lodged at the time. In many cases, processing times are less than 40 days.

What happens after approval?

If your DA is approved, you'll receive a Development Consent. This is formal consent for your development and it will contain conditions that you are legally obliged to comply with. A Development Consent is divided into different headings which usually follow the sequence of a development.

Do I need a Construction Certificate?

You must obtain a Construction Certificate prior to commencing any work if your development involves:

  • the provision of, or alteration to, structural elements of a building.
    E.g. additions, alterations, or other building work; or
  • infrastructure such as drainage works, road works, etc.

Your Development Consent will indicate if you are required to obtain a Construction Certificate.  A Construction Certificate may be issued by Council or a private accredited certifier.

What is a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)?

A Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) is a person accredited by the Building Professionals Board to carry out inspections and issue Occupation Certificates (OC) for approved developments.

A PCA can be either a Council officer or a privately accredited person. 

Only the owner of the property where the development is taking place may nominate a PCA. The PCA?s role is to ensure the development is being undertaken so that it meets requirements of the Development Consent and the Building Code of Australia, and complies with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The owner must also provide a notice of commencement of work for the development. This must be done a minimum of two days prior to beginning any work on the site.

The PCA will issue an Occupation Certificate once he/she is satisfied the development is completed in line with the Development Consent. An Occupation Certificate allows the use of the development.