Kiama Development Control Plan 2012 (DCP 2012)


Development in the Kiama Municipality is controlled by the Kiama Local Environmental Plan 2011 and Development Control Plan 2012.

The Local Environmental Plan aims to protect the environment and control development.

The Development Control Plan contains general and site specific development controls for locations throughout the Municipality.

It's purpose is to provide guidance to people proposing a development

Review of DCP 2012

Amendment to Chapter 30 - Heritage

On exhibition until 26 November 2018

Repeal of Chapter 12 of Kiama DCP 2012 and Exhibition of Short Term Rental Accommodation Policy (STRA)
Amendments to DCP 2012, Chapter 3 (Trees) and Chapter 8 (Landscaping)

On exhibition from 2 October to 30 October 2018

Kiama Development Control Plan 2012 Chapters

Technical documents and fact sheets

Council also has a range of technical documents and fact sheets that are associated with various land uses and activities.  These need to be considered in conjunction with LEP 2011 and DCP 2012.