Swimming Pool Information


What you need to know

Why do I need a Compliance Certificate?

To increase the safety of young children around backyard swimming pools, all pools must now, by law, be registered.  From 29 April 2016 pool owners must obtain a Compliance Certificate prior to the sale or lease of their property.

Pool owners can at any time request council or an accredited private certifier to conduct an inspection of their swimming pool and pool barrier in order to obtain a Compliance Certificate.

Periodic inspections are mandatory for pools that are associated with tourist and visitor accommodation, and that form a part of unit blocks.

An exemption to these requirements can apply under certain circumstances.

Do I have to pay any fees?

Yes. Fees apply for swimming pool and pool barrier inspections. Council's Swimming Pools Act fees are listed in our fees and charges.

How do I get Council to inspect my pool?

To organise a Council officer to inspect your pool, please complete our Request for pool barrier inspection form and submit it to our Customer Service staff at our Administration Building, 11 Manning Street, Kiama, along with the appropriate fees. You can phone our Customer Service staff on (02) 4232 0444 if you need more information. 

What happens after an inspection?

If your pool complies with the safety requirements of the Swimming Pool Act 1992 and is registered on the NSW Swimming Pools Register, Council will issue you with a Compliance Certificate.

If your pool does not comply, we will let you know what work you need to do to be able to get a Compliance Certificate.  When you have done this, you will then need to organise a re-inspection with Council and pay our re-inspection fees.

How long is a certificate valid?

Provided you make no changes to your pool barrier, your Compliance Certificate will be valid for three years from the date of issue.

Can I use a private certifier?

Yes. An accredited private certifier can carry out an inspection of your pool. Accredited certifiers have the authority to issue notices directing you to carry out works to ensure your pool complies with pool safety requirements.

What if I think my pool is exempt?

You can apply for an exemption for your pool. However you must satisfy Council that it is not reasonable, or is impractical, for your swimming pool to comply with the requirements. You must satisfy Council that alternate provisions have been made to restrict access to your swimming pool.

Please read our information on swimming pool exemptions. If you believe your pool may be exempt, please complete our pool exemption application form and submit it and the appropriate fees to our Customer Service staff at our Administration Building, 11 Manning Street, Kiama.

Does Council have a pool barrier inspection program?

Yes.  We conduct mandatory inspections of all swimming pool barriers in our municipality every three years. This includes inspections of pools at the following accommodation types:

  • backpacker
  • bed and breakfast
  • hotel
  • motel
  • serviced apartments
  • residence of more than two occupancies.

We may also conduct inspections outside of the mandatory three years. You can read more about our Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection Program including circumstances where we will conduct additional inspections (section 4).