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Membership options

*Student membership are available*

Kiama Leisure Centre has three main memberships to choose from:

  • Bronze Membership - includes swimming, spa, sauna, locker and 50% off aqua aerobic classes - not already discounted and 50% off selected school activities in the pool. The use of kick-boards, noodles and back-bubbles is included.
  • Silver Membership - includes use of the gymnasium, electronic machines, circuit and aerobic classes, locker and 50% of selected school activities in gym and half price on personal fitness programs.
  • Gold Membership - includes swim, spa, sauna, use of the gymnasium, electronic machines, circuit, aerobic, aqua-aerobic classes and locker. Selected school programs are free. This membership includes the use of kick-boards, noodles, back-bubbles and half price personal fitness programs.

You have five options when choosing your membership. They are:

  • Length - we offer one month (gold only), three month, six month and 12 month memberships.
  • Type - we offer Single or Family memberships (excluding Gold memberships). Please see the conditions below for family memberships.
  • Payment type - full payment or Direct Debit options available.
  • Full or Concession - concession cards must be shown to obtain a discount. A membership cannot be sold past the expiry date of the concession card.
  • Peak or Off-Peak - we offer a discount when taking out off-peak memberships. Applies to 12 month memberships only. Please see the conditions below for family memberships.

Each membership provides a variety of different entitlements. Please carefully read those entitlements as listed above, before selecting the membership type which will best suit your needs.

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The following conditions apply to all membership types:

  • Members are asked to show their membership card to the reception staff prior to entering activities.
  • Family membership includes all immediate family members up to age 21, providing they are still students. Membership does not cover working children. Student identification must be provided.
  • Membership may be frozen if a patron is away for more than two weeks in any one period of time. This must be done before you go away by contacting the centre. It can not be frozen after the fact. A maximum of four weeks is allowed in any one 12 month membership and two weeks for any six month membership.
  • Restrictions apply to off-peak memberships. Off-peak times are between 10.00am and 4.00pm.
  • Children under five years are not permitted in the spa or sauna.
  • Membership cannot entitle the holder to free entry for specific events, such as Swim Club, Swimming Carnivals, Department of Education, Birthday Parties etc.
  • Throughout the year there may be times when the pool is unavailable due to carnivals.
  • There is limited lane space in the pool in peak times on week days from 3.30pm to 6.30pm.
  • Discounts on classes only apply to classes which are not already discounted.
  • Membership does not include special sessions such as Learn to Swim, Gymnastics, Kinder Gym, Baby Gym, and Heart Moves.
  • Year seven students and children aged between 13 and 16 years MUST be supervised by the Gym Supervisor or a responsible adult while using the gym.
  • Those children with a Gym Licence may use the gym unsupervised. Those holding a Gym Licence must show it at reception. Gym Licences are obtained from the Gym Supervisors.
  • Fully enclosed jogger/sports type shoes and a shirt must be worn at all times in the gym area. Patrons are required to use a towel during aerobics/circuit and gymnasium use.
  • Food is not to be taken into the gymnasium, aerobics and hall areas.
  • For the safety of all guests, the child minding facility is made available during morning and afternoon classes. All members and guests are reminded to use the child minding facility, as children are not permitted into the gym and aerobics areas.
  • Full time student memberships must provide identification, proof of full time enrolment and proof of address.


Please note that the membership terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Centre Management.