About aqua classes

Aqua classes are a great workout, with the comfort and support of water creating resistance without strain on joints.

You do not need to get your face or hair wet!

All aqua classes are held in the Kiama Leisure Centre Pool, and there are four class descriptions and three levels to choose from.

Bookings are not required, just turn up!

All fitness leaders are accredited and affiliated with Fitness NSW. We aim to deliver safe aqua classes with enthusiasm and enjoyment. Aqua is a great workout.

"All the gains, without the pains!"


Type and Description of Classes
Aqua Gentle *  A 45min class specifically for those recovering from injury or those in a post operative situation. Slower paced than aqua active.
Aqua Active * A 45min class specifically for arthritic, pregnancy or injury rehabilitating people. Working specifically on flexibility and strength. 
Aqua Power ** *** A 60min class concentrating on cardiovascular endurance with specific strengthening work. Lots of deep water activities.
Aqua * ** *** A 45min class with exercise determined by level of fitness of participants in the class.

Class Levels
* Great beginners class, all levels catered for.
** Moderate level of exercise, for those who have exercised regularly for 6-12 months.
*** Advanced level of exercise, for those who have exercised regularly for over 12 months.

Your safety and well-being is our concern, so please ...

  • bring water and a towel to every session
  • drink water at regular intervals
  • inform the instructor of any injuries or ailments of concern
  • arrive early to class to ensure you warm up properly
  • shower before using pool or spa facilities to remove deodorants, creams or powder from the skin
  • stay for stretches at the end of the class
  • inform the instructor if you cannot swim.