Sportsfield status


Updated Friday, 30 November 2018 8:29:33 AM

The status in the below table is for Monday to Friday only.

For weekend use/status please contact your individual sporting club.

Your club will give the final check to decide whether or not games proceed.

Monday to Friday sportsground status
Title Locality Message Status
Kiama Showground Kiama   OPEN
Chittick Oval Kiama   OPEN
Bonaira Oval Kiama   OPEN
Chapman Oval Kiama   OPEN
Kiama Quarry Sports Complex - Ground 1 Kiama   OPEN
Kiama Quarry Sports Complex - Grounds 2, 3 and 4 Kiama   OPEN
Kiama Quarry Sports Complex - Grass Netball Courts Kiama   OPEN
Gainsborough Oval Kiama Downs   OPEN
Gainsborough Chase (Thornett Way) Kiama Downs   OPEN
Keith Irvine Oval Jamberoo   OPEN
Kevin Walsh Oval Jamberoo   OPEN
Michael Cronin Oval Gerringong   OPEN
Dorothy Bailey Oval Gerringong   OPEN
Gerry Emery Reserve Gerringong   OPEN
Athol Noble Oval Gerringong   OPEN
Boxsell Reserve Gerringong   OPEN