Pool Party Booking Form

Pool Party Booking Form

Fill in the following form to submit a booking enquiry for a pool party.

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Terms and Conditions

Pool closure: In the event of a pool closure due to faecal/vomit contamination in the main pool, health department regulation require the pool/or pools to be closed for:

  • Toddlers Pool - 2 hours in the event of a solid stool or vomit
  • Main Pool - 2.5 hours in the event of a solid stool or vomit
  • In the event of a loose stool incident the pool/pools will be closed for approximately 13 hours

The following options are available to the organisers of the party should this occur:

1. Alternate options applicable ONLY for after hours booking- A reduced fee of $168 will apply, deposit included

  1. Pool games can be organised in the Toddlers Pool for ages 6years to 8years. Please note this may be for the duration of the party or until the Main Pool is re-opened.
  2. Dry-land sporting games can be set-up in the hall for ages 8years to 12 years. Leisure Centre staff will organise and supervise these games for the duration of the party booking (ensure appropriate dry land foot wear). In the event that the pool can re-open during the course of the party, staff can organise Pool Activities on returning to the pool (this is dependent on availability of the hall).
  3. In the event that no-other activities can be organised parties will be cancelled and you will be reimbursed the deposit paid.

2. Alternate options applicable ONLY for parties during operational hours

  1. If there is a pool closure within the first hour and a half, parties fee's will be reimbursed.
  2. Dry-land activities may be available upon request.

Please note: We will endeavour to notify you of a pool closure within 30 minutes prior to the commencement of your party, should one of the above situations occur. Also you will be notified of the time in which the main pool will re-open for normal operation.

Damage: Any damage to fixtures, furniture and equipment of the Leisure Centre caused in the opinion of the Kiama Leisure Centre Management, other than fair wear and tear will be repaired by Kiama Leisure Centre and the cost will be met by the hirer.

Cancellation: Kiama Leisure Centre reserves the right to cancel any booking, due to break downs etc that may affect the safe operations of the pool.

Subletting: The facility may not be sublet, or reassigned to any other organisation or individual.

General rules: Individuals hiring the facilities shall observe the rules of the Centre as listed below, and if they are contravened in any way, the person or persons concerned will be asked to leave the premises. No organisation hiring the pool shall conduct a stall, shop, kiosk or booth in any form for the purpose of selling, dispensing, exchanging or the donation of any items including goods, food, or liquid refreshments unless otherwise authorised.

General regulations: No running, pushing, dangerous diving or bombing in pool area. No bottles or glassware allowed on the premises. No glass spectacles allowed in the pool. No smoking or alcohol allowed on the premises.