Minnamurra Boardwalk



Following an extensive community campaign, Council has secured grant funding to construct a boardwalk and cycleway along the Minnamurra River.

The project has commenced and will be completed mid 2020.

The boardwalk and cycleway is fully funded by the NSW Government through the Transport NSW Walking and Cycling Program.

Minnamurra Boardwalk and Cycleway Background

Council has contracted Wollongong-based firm Cardno to develop a detailed design for the $4.5 million project.

The project aims to:

  • Provide safe access for pedestrians and cyclists who would otherwise be utilising Riverside Drive
  • Provide connectivity between the Minnamurra River Bridge and Kiama Downs
  • Provide a tourism opportunity to extend upon the existing Kiama Coastal Walk
  • Provide a scenic connection along the Minnamurra River

Progress to Date

Initial investigations were undertaken by Council which identified a number of preliminary concept options. These options have been further developed to produce a preferred boardwalk route as an outcome of the following steps being undertaken:
  • Ecology Investigation - identification and mapping of key flora and fauna communities
  • Heritage Investigation – identification of Potential Archaeological Deposit’s
  • Identification of opportunities for integration with the boardwalk such as water access, viewing platforms and social spaces
  • Consultation with key statutory stakeholders
  • Community consultation
  • Development of key criteria
  • Consideration of various routes
  • Weighted analysis of routes against key criteria

The final route report has been release which contains details of the route and how it was determined, including the results of community and other consultations.

The final route involves three sections:

Section 1 - A concrete footpath from the northern car park heading south along Riverside Drive.

Section 2 - A mix of concrete, raised timber and composite decking along the riverbank, next to the mangrove forest. The timber and composite decking would avoid damage to the fig trees route.

Section 3 - The waterway route, designed to avoid seagrass beds, mangroves and the boating channel, uses an elevated deck, before resuming as a concrete pathway at the southern end.

Cardno has organised a further community consultation information session to explain the final route report.

Community Consultations

Cardno have organised a further community information session to explain the final route report.

What: Community Information Session - Final Route Report

When: 6pm, Monday 12 November 2018

Where: Kiama Golf Club, Oxley Avenue, Kiama Downs

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