Our Place Kiama


How to access this website

OurPlace is an easy to use website for sharing information about dementia-friendly areas in our local community. Watch our WIN News video.

University of Wollongong researchers are collecting information from community members like you about what makes Kiama a 'Dementia-Friendly' place. Have a look around the map and leave us a marker pin or comment. This information will add to our knowledge about what makes a community dementia-friendly.

Share your local knowledge:

  1. Log onto the website http://ourplacemap.com/
  2. Drop a pin on places you think are 'dementia-friendly'
  3. Share your ideas for local action

More specific instructions:

How to navigate: Use the +/- buttons to zoom in or out. Move around the map by left-clicking and dragging. Find a building, an intersection, a park or some other feature you'd like to tell us about.

Add a 'Like' spot: Drag and drop a blue 'like' pin from the top of the page onto a place you think is Dementia-Friendly. Don't worry if you don't place it in the right spot on your first try, simply close the comment window and have another go.

Leave a short comment about what you like about that space, or perhaps any improvements you might like to see. Fill in your email so we can approve your comment - your email will not be visible to the public.

Add an 'Idea' spot: Do you have an idea for making a particular place in Kiama more Dementia-Friendly? Drag and drop an 'idea' pin onto this spot and let us know your thoughts

For more information please email Dr Lyn Phillipson of the Centre for Health Initiatives, UOW: