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Our Age Disability Worker (ADW) works with Home and Community Care (HACC) service providers in Kiama LGA to: help build the capacity of the sector to meet the needs of clients, incorporate the outcomes of evaluations, and develop best practice, and is available for any resident who would like to raise any issue in regards to service delivery for older residents and/or people with disability and/or their carers.

If you have any issues you would like to raise with the ADW, your input would be welcomed. Please contact the ADW via ringing Council on (02) 4232 0444 or send an email.

 Are you caring for a family member or friend?

Why not join Carers NSW?  icon image for PDF documents Brochure (PDF 1.4MB)

Active & Healthy

The Active and Healthy website provides a directory of community-based physical activity programs with a falls prevention component for older people in your local area. The website has a number of useful falls prevention resources for older people including a home safety checklist, a guide to home strength and balance exercises and information on reducing fear of falling. The website is also a useful tool for health professionals and can be used to make referrals for clients to suitable exercise programs. Finally, for physical activity providers the website provides free advertising space on a credible government funded website. Promotional Kit icon image for PDF documents  click here (PDF 426.8KB)

Mobility Access Kiama Local Government Area

Link to Kiama Access Committee page and the Mobility Access guide for Kiama

Deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing ?

Fire and Rescue NSW, the NSW government and the Deaf Society have introduced a special Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme to offer specialist smoke alarms.

In a recent survey conducted by The Deaf Society, one in three people admitted they weren't sure if they would hear their smoke alarm if they were asleep. If you don't have a working smoke alarm, the chance of dying in a house fire increases by 60%.

To counteract this issue, specialist smoke alarms that include a strobe light and pillow shaker are available for those who are deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing at a subsidised cost. A number of organisations, including the Deaf Society and Fire and Rescue NSW, have implemented schemes to lower the cost of these smoke alarms from approximately $500 to as low as $20. More information about the SASS: