Keep them safeSchool children

Our Road Safety Action Plan identifies safety around schools as a road user behaviour target. We actively work with school communities to help identify traffic and road safety issues so that they can be rectified in the most effective and efficient manner. The Kiama High School Proposed Access and Mobility Plan is a result of this.

Police and Council Rangers provide enforcement to ensure optimum safety in school zone areas. Motorist not travelling within the 40km/h speed limit and parking inappropriately are targeted and fined.

As children, in particular aged 10 years and under, behave unpredictably near traffic and have not yet developed the skills required to cope with the traffic environment it is important that driver awareness of road safety issues in school zones is increased and the need for parents and carers to be positive role models by providing constant and consistent road safety messages to children.

The key messages for parents/carers about school travel safety are:

  • Make sure your child's seat belt is always buckled up before starting the car
  • Make sure your child uses the kerb side door when entering and leaving the car
  • Drop-off and pick-up children from the same side of the road as the bus stop or school
  • Use a marked or controlled crossing if possible
  • Never call your child across the road to meet you
  • Obey the 40 km/h speed limit in school zones and around school buses
  • Park legally near schools and walk with children to the school gate
  • Children under 10 years require adult supervision especially when crossing roads
  • Always hold the hand of children, especially those under 8 years of age when crossing roads and walking to school (driveways are dangerous places)
  • Check your school's policy on cycling to school. It is recommended that no child under 10 years should cycle to school without adult supervision. If your child does cycle they must wear a helmet and know the road rules

The key messages for drivers about school travel safety are:

  • Obey the 40 km/h speed limit in school zones and around school buses
  • Remember that all school zones in NSW require speeds of less than 40km/h and now operate 8am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm
  • Park legally near schools
  • Slow down in areas where there are children walking, cycling or playing because they may behave unpredictably

In order to increase the safety of children travelling to and from school, the Roads & Maritime Services School Safety campaign has been developed and focuses on parent/carer supervision as well as driver behaviour. The campaign actively supports the curriculum-based road safety education delivered by schools.

If you would like more information on school road safety contact our Road Safety Officer on 02 4232 0444.