OK Organics Kiama - Kitchen to Compost Revolution


What is the kitchen to compost revolution?

Organics Kiama - Kitchen to Compost Revolution is an exciting, innovative waste service for residents in our urban waste collection zones (Zones 1 - 10). All urban areas of Kiama Municipality are now receiving this service, with Zones 1 and 6 recently starting in May 2016, and Zones 2 and 9 in July 2016. If you are not sure which waste zone you are in, or need to download your collection calendar, check our Urban Residential Services. The calendar booklets also contain information about what can and can't be placed in your bins and details of other recycling programs offered to residents. kiama

The Organics Kiama service enables the residents of urban waste zones to dispose of all their kitchen organic waste into the green lid organics bin which is being converted into compost.  The compost is quality food for  soil.

Residents of Zone 5 (Kiama Downs, west of Riverside Drive) were selected as the first residents to receive the new OK Organics Kiama waste service, which commenced on 7 November 2012.  The service was trialed in that zone for over 12 months to determine its effectiveness.  Based on the great success of the trial Council determined that the new waste service will be phased in across the Municipality by the end of June 2016.

Residents in waste zones 1 - 10 are to be congratulated on the great results achieved in those areas to date.

Currently in these zones, when compared to the previous waste service, there has been a:

  • 40% decrease in waste to landfill
  • 20% increase in recycling tonnages
  • 62% increase in organic waste tonnages

Pie chart showing percentage of waste types in the Organics Kiama waste service - 28% Recycled, 24% Landfill, 48% composted.

Any queries??? - check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our OK Organics Kiama brochure gives you more information about how the service works.

You can see an overview of the OK Organics Kiama service here - Big Picture on Waste.

red lid landfill bin percentage of contentsWhy has this service come about?

A household waste survey in 2011 showed that our red lid garbage bins contain on average 45% organic waste from food and gardens. By placing this material into the green lid organics bin it can be made into valuable compost and further reduce the waste in our red lid garbage bin which is sent to landfill.

The survey also found that 19% of the average red lid bin was recycled material. This leaves only 36% of waste in the red lid bins that cannot be composted or recycled, and needs to be disposed of in landfill.

One of the financial pressures that we face now and into the future is that we no longer operate our own landfill.  Our landfills closed once they reached capacity and we do not have the option of constructing any more landfills. We have to transport our waste and use a neighbouring council's landfill.

The cost of landfilling rises significantly every year due to the state government's environmental levy and landfill operational costs.

Through this partnership between Kiama Council and residents of the participating zones, OK Organics Kiama is engaging the community in becoming part of the solution of reducing waste going to landfill.

A comprehensive communication program has been undertaken to ensure the residents of participating zones are kept informed on what is involved in using the new service.

information kit for OK Organics InformationAn information kit to assist residents in these zones to collect organic waste from the kitchen is available from our Administration Building in Manning Street, Kiama.

The frequency of servicing the kerbside bins also change in the OK Organics Kiama zones as the majority of material is now going in the green lid and yellow lid bins. With the new service:

  • the green lid organics bin is collected weekly
  • the yellow lid recycling bin is collected weekly
  • the red lid garbage bin is collected fortnightly.