Rural Residential Services


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Applying for a rural waste service

Kiama Council offers a waste and recycling service for residents on rural properties. If you would like to commence this service, please complete the application form.

Complete an application form for a rural garbage and recycling service to:

  • commence garbage and recycling service
  • select a recycling service (residential & rural)
  • cancel the service (residential & rural)

Rural waste collection will be done on Tuesday in all areas north of Kiama Heights.

All areas south of Kiama Heights will be done on Wednesday.

Sort it out! What CAN be recycled

Recycling is collected on a fortnightly basis on the alternate fortnight to your landfill waste. Please refer to your waste and recycling calendar for dates. Download the Rural Waste Booklet for lots of information on what you can put in your bins as well as other services and events available to you.

Rural Waste Booklet - for viewing

Rural Waste Booklet - for printing (double sided)

Did you know you can dispose of the following:

Item Disposal at Free?
Batteries - household and car Minnamurra Recycling Facility v
Cardboard and paper in bulk Minnamurra Recycling Facility v
Clothing Your local charity shop or clothing bin v
Drums - eligible metal or plastic containers Minnamurra Recycling Facility on the first Monday of every month - learn more about the drumMuster program v
E-waste (television and computers) Wollongong Waste and Resource Recovery Park, Reddalls Road, Kembla Grange v
Eyeglasses / sunglasses Any OPSM, Laubman & Pank or Budget Eyeware retailer - they send them to developing nations v
Fluorescent light bulbs Minnamurra Recycling Facility v
Gas bottles Minnamurra Recycling Facility v
Glass - recyclable Minnamurra Recycling Facility v
Green waste in bulk Minnamurra Recycling Facility - charges apply X
Metal goods Minnamurra Recycling Facility v
Mobile phones and accessories Our Administration Building, 11 Manning Street, Kiama, most phone retailers or Australia Post offices v
Plastic - recyclable Minnamurra Recycling Facility v
Printer / toner cartridges Participating Australia Post offices v
Oil - used Minnamurra Recycling Facility v
Sharps (needles) Your local chemist v
Silage wrap and baling twine Minnamurra Recycling Facility - learn more about the Plasbak program v
Steel Minnamurra Recycling Facility v


For an extensive list of disposal options check out our A-Z of Waste & Recycling.

What do I do if my bin is stolen?

In the case of stolen or lost bin, please contact Minnamurra Recycling Facility on (02) 4237 5148.