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Free programs for 12-24 year olds

  • SENTRAL Intergen 'Munch Out'

An 8-week program that invites young and older poeple to come together to share experiences and knowledge and to develop skills together around cooking and food prep, and how to apply the knowledge in their daily lives.

Program date: TBA

  • Event Management program

For young people who have a passion for entertainment, want to get ahead in teh event management industry, or would like to organise our next all ages music event or any other youth activities.  Places are limited.

When:  June-August 2018
Time:   Wednesday during periods 3 and 4
Where: Kiama High School

  • Barista Training

SENTRAL provides free Barista training via a qualified Barista who takes participants on a journey to make the perfect cup of coffee.  The training is free.   Call SENTRAL to register.

When: Thursdays during school term 
Time:   4-6pm

  • Band Practice Room

Want a place to jam and make noise?  SENTRAL has a fully stocked band practice room complete with guitars, drums, keyboards and amps.  We can also organise professional recording sessions for a minimal fee.

When: call SENTRAL for booking times and to register.

  • SENTRAL Fitness

SENTRAL Fitness is a FREE physical development program focusing on resistance, cardio vascular and interval style training to help young people achieve personal fitness goals.

SENTRAL 'Smash Out' - group training sessions for beginners, Wednesdays 3.30-5pm

SENTRAL 'Yoga' - training designed to improve flexibility, Thursdays 4-5pm

  • SENTRAL  On the Road

Youth Workers will be hitting the road in the school holidays to speak with young people, parents and carers in all areas of the Municipality.  Check out Facebook and website for Station locations and times.

  • Drop In

SENTRAL is open for young people to drop in and play pool, basketball, playstation or just sit and have a feed.  Meet the Youth Workers, socialise with other young people and get involved in SENTRAL programs and activities.

When:   Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5pm
Where:  SENTRAL, Hindmarsh Park

  • Young Entrepreneurs program

SENTRAL Youth Services is looking for young people between 14-18 years old who are interested in participating in our Young Entrepreneurs program.  What will you learn?

  • the basics about small business
  • how to turn ideas into profit
  • mentoring and networking with local small business owners

When:   2018 dates TBA

  • Youth Worker @ KHS Mentoring program
  • Young Person's program
  • Youth Engagement Meeting
  • Youth Worker @ KHS Mentoring program
  • Youth Worker @ KHS Mentoring program
  • Year 6 Emotional Transition program

An interactive learning program designed to assist students to make the transition from primary school to high school.  Topics include: identifying stress in yourself, friends and peers, and how and when to get help.

When:  Term 4 - 90minute session
Where: Primary school in Kiama Local Government Area (LGA)
Who: Year 6 students