Kiama CBD


Kiama Municipal Council CBD Street Surveillance System

The Kiama CBD system is fully installed and operational.

Images captured by the CCTV system are sent to Council's administration building via the fibre network where the images are stored on a server for 28 days before being deleted.  KMC has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with NSW Police which facilitates their access to the system to view a live feed and to review already recorded images. NSW Police have no access to the system that allows them to make copies of the images. For NSW Police to obtain copies of images, they need to make a formal written application to KMC, and this application needs to be approved by council's Public Officer or General Manager. The recorded images will only be used and/or disclosed for law enforcement or other lawful purposes. 

This aerial map indicates the general area that is covered by the cameras.

Aerial map of Kiama CBD surveillance coverage