Kiama & the NBN


Migration of monitored fire alarms and lift phones - Important information

As the National Broadband Network (NBN) rolls out across Australia, Telstra's existing fixed line networks are being progressively disconnected. Monitored fire alarms and lift phones operating over these networks will cease to operate unless they are migrated to an alternate telecommunications network before the disconnection date for their rollout region. 

Monitored fire alarms and lift phones are safety-critical services and there are serious public safety, personal injury and property damage risks if they fail to operate in an emergency situation. It is important that you register your services and make early arrangements for their migration by talking to your fire alarm monitoring and/or lift service provider. Migration does not happen automatically. Importantly, even if your regular phone and internet services have already migrated to the NBN, this does not mean that your lift or monitored fire alarm service has also been migrated. 

If you are responsible for a monitored fire alarm or lift phone, you will need to contact your fire alarm monitoring and/or lift service provider as soon as possible. Your provider will be able to give advice on the most appropriate migration solution. Further information is available in the Migration of Monitored Fire Alarm and Lift Phone Services Good Practice Guide

You will also need to register your services on NBN Co Limited's (nbn's) Fire and Lift Register. The Register helps support the safe migration of monitored fire alarm and lift phone services, and identifies services which may be eligible for deferred disconnection up until 30 June 2017. 

To register you will need to provide the monitored fire alarm or lift phone telephone number, details of the building location, and contact details of the person registering. 

For more information visit, or to register a service visit or call 1800 687 626.


Your digital futureWomen wearing headphones and watching a video on a notebook pc

Kiama is a first release site for the National Broadband Network (NBN) which is delivering the next generation of high speed broadband services to businesses and residents located within the NBN footprint - Minnamurra to Kiama, including Jamberoo, Kiama Downs and Kiama Heights.

Kiama Council has played an integral role in maximising the opportunity the NBN brings to our  community. As well as connecting to the NBN, residents and businesses can connect with three innovative local programs:

Digital Local Government Program - Kiama Connect?

Federal government  funding has provided Kiama Council with the opportunity to bring its services to the community online, giving residents easy access to Council workshops and consultations using state-of-the-art videoconferencing and the NBN.

Workshops are available online in real time on a variety of issues from youth band nights to development matters. You can now engage with council using the interactive video platform from just about any device and from anywhere. The platform supports apple, android and windows computers, tablets and smart phones. You can access the platform via 3G or 4G phone networks, home ADSL networks and corporate networks. For further details please contact the NBN Program Manager on  (02) 4232 0444, send us an email or visit Kiama Connect?.

Digital Hub

The NBN program has transformed the Kiama Library into a 'Library of the Future'.

Books still populate the shelves, but now the community can also access  free Wi-Fi NBN, videoconferencing, community training sessions, futuristic sound domes, NBN enabled online gaming nights, a free mobile device charge bar and e-resources. The videoconferencing platform and NBN allows the Kiama Library to connect to cultural and educational institutions around the nation including; the National Museum of Australia, other regional Libraries and specialised programs such as the headspace youth mental health project. For further details please contact the Kiama Library on (02) 4233 1133, email them or visit their website.

Digital Enterprise Program

Kiama Community College and Kiama Council joined forces to operate the Digital Enterprise Program, utilising federal government funding. This program offers small to medium businesses free training to capitalise on access to the NBN and launch their business into the online world. For further details please contact the Kiama Community College on (02) 4232 1050, email them or visit their website.