Access to Information (GIPA)


The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) (GIPA) provides you with rights to information.

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Finding Open Access information

Open Access information Where do I find it? What is it?
Activity approvals Online services You can use the standard application enquiry within the DA Tracker Application.  Specify your required criteria within this search.
Annual comparative reports NSW Government Office of Local Government The reports  provide information on how Council is performing and how this performance compares to that of other similar councils
Annual Reports Annual Reports Council's Annual Report, including Financial Report and Auditors Report and Bodies Exercising Functions Delegated by Local Authority
Building Certificates Informal access application (Development Application) Records of Building Certificates issued under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Application fees and charges will apply
Code of Conduct Plans and policies The conduct obligations of Council officials. For copies of previous version please contact Council
Code of Meeting Practice Plans and policies Procedures for all Council and Council Committee meetings
Complying Developments Determined Online services You can use the standard application enquiry within the DA Tracker Application. Specify your required criteria within this search and select or type "Complying Development Certificate" within the Application Type field.
Council Meetings including:
Business papers, confidential committee, meeting dates, public access information
Meetings & Committees Council meeting dates, agendas, business papers, reports, minutes & Code of Meeting Practice.
Councillor Expenses Policy Policies Policy for expenses incurred by and provision of facilities to Councillors
Council voting pattern register Voting register - council meetings Section 375A of the Local Government Act 1993 requires the voting patterns on all planning matters considered by meetings of Council be recorded
Community Land - Plans of Management (POM) Plans of Management for reserves Plans of management for crown and community land
Council contracts register Access to information - Contract register Contracts valued in excess of $150,000
Delegations Delegations A register of the functions delegated to the General Manager, Mayor and officers of the Council.
Development Applications Currently Advertised Online services A list of applications that are currently on exhibition in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.
Development Applications Recently Determined Online services A list of development applications that have recently been determined in the last 31 days  in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.  For applications outside of this date range please use the standard application enquiry within the DA Tracker Application.
Development Application Register Online services You can use the standard application enquiry within the DA Tracker Application.  Specify your required criteria within this search.
Development Consents Latest development consents A list of recent DA consents issued by Council
Development Control Plans Development Control Plans Detailed development guidelines and controls to specific types of development or areas of land.
Development Plans & Policies Strategic Planning Plans and policies for the long term strategic framework for land use.  Including Local Environmental Plan, Section 94 Plans, Heritage and Kiama Urban Strategy.
Disclosures of Councillor Pecuniary Interest OPIAD - Informal access application required. Information contained within the returns is not available on Council's website. Returns are available for inspection at Council's Administration Building during normal business hours. Copies may be made in accordance with the GIPA Regulation Part 2 (14) (b) Required to be completed per s. 449 of the Local Government Act 1993.
Disclosure Log Access to information - Disclosure log Formal access applications received that are likely to be of interest to members of the public, will be in the disclosure log. The disclosure log contains non-personal information only
Equal Employment Opportunity - Fairness and Equity Policy Plans & Policies Describes Council's commitment to equality, dignity and respect in the workplace
Information Guide Information Guide 2016 Per GIPA Act - provides an overview of Council governance, structure and operations
Integrated Planning Reporting Major Publications and Reports Council's 10 year plan for its vision of working together for a healthy, sustainable and caring community along with its Delivery Program, Long Term Financial Plan and Resourcing Strategy.
Investment Register Business Papers Monthly investment reports are included in Business Papers for Council Meetings and are available on the "Business Paper" section of Council's website.
Land Register Currently being reviewed - older versions may be available upon submission of an informal access application A register of land vested in or under the control of Kiama Municipal Council.
Leases and Licences Available upon submission of an informal access application Leases and licences on community land that Kiama Municipal Council has entered into.
Plans of Management Plans Plans of Management for community land.
Policy documents Plans and policies A list (not exhaustive) of some of Council's policies
Political Donations Register Electoral Funding Authority Information regarding the disclosure of political donations lodged by candidates, groups, members of parliament, local government Councillors, political parties and political donors can be found on the Electoral Funding Authority website.
Public registers The information is contained within registers located in Council's Authority database. A copy of a register is available on completion of an informal request for information form through Council's Customer Services. Public registers contain information relating to Notices, Orders and Penalty Infringement Notices (PIN) issued by Council. Public registers are required to be developed under legislation that includes but is not limited to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, the Local Government Act, the Protection of the Environment Operations Act, the Public Health Act and the Food Act.

Political donations

View current donations and expenditure declarations lodged by Councillors with the Electoral Commission NSW.