Building & Development

 Activity approval application form

 Authority to lodge an application

 Building certificate application form (149B)

 Bushfire assessment report form - single dwelling development applications

 Complying Development Certificate application form

 Development and/or Construction Certificate application form

 Development Assessment Unit (DAU) meeting application form

 Driveways/Footpath crossing - Authorised Contractor List application for acceptance

 Footpath crossing construction and general concrete works application form

 Footpath dining application form

 Install or operate a new sewage management facility application form

 Modify consent application form

 Modify complying development certificate application form

 Modify/upgrade existing sewage management system application form

 Notice of commencement of work/appointment of principal certifying authority

 Occupation certificate application form

 Planning certificate application form (previously 149 certificate)

 Road and footpath occupation application form (Section 138)

 Section 94A (indirect contributions) plan and cost summary form

 Subdivision certificate application

 Swimming pool barrier inspection request form for certificate of compliance

 Swimming pool certificate of exemption application form

 Waste compliance 1A - Subdivision/demolition/single dwelling/dual occupancy/minor alteration -
          Waste minimisation and management plan form

 Waste compliance 1B - Waste minimisation and management plan form

 Waste compliance 1C - Waste compliance certificate application form


 Checklist 1 - New residential dwelling

 Checklist 2 - Residential dwelling alterations and additions

 Checklist 3 - Residential swimming pool

 Checklist 4 - New residential multiple dwelling with subdivision

 Checklist 5 - New residential multiple dwelling

 Checklist 6 - New rural dwelling

 Checklist 7 - Rural dwelling alterations and additions and/or ancillary structures

 Checklist 8 - New commercial or retail building or mixed use development

 Checklist 9 - Internal works only - Change of use for commercial retail building or mixed use development

  Checklist 12 - Subdivision Certificate

 Checklist 15 - Gerringong Headland - Development Applications

 Checklist 16 - Wood heaters

 Checklist 19 - Subdivision of land urban/rural

 Checklist 20 - Subdivision boundary adjustment

 Checklist 21 - Subdivision of land community title

 Checklist 22 - Subdivision completed building


Environment & Health

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