Food Safety Week 2016


The theme of Australian Food Safety Week 2016 is ‘raw and risky’ foods, in particular raw or minimally cooked eggs.

While the egg industry supplies fresh eggs as safe as possible they can be a source of food poisoning if not handled or cooked properly. This is particularly true for uncooked dishes, sauces and dressings containing raw or lightly cooked eggs. These include uncooked desserts like mousses and tiramisu; sauces and dressings such as hollandaise; fresh mayonnaise, and aioli; drinks containing raw egg such as egg nog and health shakes with added raw egg, and steak tartare. These foods are risky if eaten uncooked and need to be handled safely.

There is more information on other raw and risky foods in the Food Safety Information Council fact sheet.

You can also test your knowledge with the ‘raw and risky’ quiz

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