Revised Akuna Street development update


Council received 79 submissions at the close of public exhibition for the revised Akuna Street Development Application.

Council has managed the administration process for the development, including receiving public submissions.

Due to the development’s value and Council’s ownership of the subject land, the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) is responsible for determining if the development can proceed.

Council has provided the submissions to an independent town planning consultant, who will consider them in the preparation of an assessment report for the JRPP.

Once submitted to the JRPP, the assessment report will be available on

The JRPP is expected to meet on 30 April to consider the amended plans and determine the Development Application.

The JRPP will also notify the public of details about public access opportunities via its website, newspaper advertisement, and direct emails or letters to those who made a submission.

In December 2017, the JRPP deferred the development application in order to receive revised plans to address a range of matters including:

  • the appropriate relationship of the building to Akuna Street
  • the provision of a pedestrian pathway within the site
  • the resolution of issues concerning trees on adjoining properties
  • the details of the easement for service arrangements
  • the location of communal open space on the western boundary
  • improved landscaping with canopy trees.

In response to the JRPP’s recommendations, the revised plans now show the retention of additional trees along the Akuna Street frontage, with a timber decked footpath and a flexible paved footpath to minimise the impact on the trees.

The key change made in order to provide the JRPPs requested ‘residential presentation to Akuna Street’ is the removal of commercial spaces from the Akuna Street frontage within Level 1 of Building B and C.

Three retail tenancies fronting the Shoalhaven/Akuna Street corner are now proposed. In response to urban design issues, a modified design and materials on the Terralong Street frontage has also been provided.

The developer submitted amended plans in mid-February 2018, and Council placed these on the public exhibition that ended on Friday 9 March.

Kiama Council owns the site and its sale is conditional on an approved DA with the provision of a supermarket and pedestrian access between Terralong Street and Akuna Street.

The total proceeds from the proposed development would be $8.7m, including an Options Fee of $200,000. The sale price is based on a valuation report.

Council’s purchase of the Weston’s and Mitre 10 hardware sites (purchased separately in 2012 and 2015) cost $7.38m.

The Akuna Street car park currently has 79 car spaces. Council is to consider the provision of compensatory and additional car spaces in the area, including in the car park on the southern side of Akuna Street.