2021 NSW Local Government Elections

The next election for the Municipality of Kiama will take place on Saturday 4 December 2021.

NSW Local Government elections usually take place every 4 years.

However, last year's planned 2020 elections were postponed for 12 months due to the coronavirus pandemic, and then postponed again from September 2021 to December 2021.

For more information on the 2021 elections visit the NSW Electoral Commission website.

Voting eligibility

If you are a resident of the Kiama Municipality Local Government Area you can check whether your enrolment details are up-to-date with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Become a Councillor

If you're passionate about what happens in your local community, becoming a Councillor is an exciting opportunity to make a difference and to represent the interests of residents.

For more information on how to become a Councillor see Six Steps to Being a Candidate on the NSW Electoral Commission  website or visit the Office of Local Government website.

Candidate Information Webinar dates


Women for Election workshops

NSW has fewer female Councillors than any other Australian state.

Women for Election Australia is hosting a series of workshops across the state.

 The workshops aim to provide women with the key knowledge, tools, and techniques to enable them to run for office; be the best candidate they can be; or help other woman with their political campaigns.

For details see the Women for Election website.

Non-Residential Roll

If you are not a resident, you may still be entitled to vote if you own, occupy or lease property in the Kiama Municipal Council area as a corporation, business or individual.

You may register in your own right as an individual or as a nominated company officer (or equivalent) of a corporation. Registration is not compulsory.

Only one person can be enrolled on the Non-Residential Roll for each land parcel.

Completed application forms should be sent to Council by email or by post to Council Chambers, PO Box 75, KIAMA  NSW  2533

Use the relevant form below for your application:

Non-residential Roll - Individual Application Form(PDF, 80KB) 

Non-residential Roll - Nominee Application Form(PDF, 96KB)

All applications must be received by 6pm (EST) Monday 25 October 2021

For more information on the non-residential roll, please read the Non-residential rolls Fact-Sheet(PDF, 67KB)