New amenities at Emery Reserve

Published on 11 June 2020

Emery Reserve - Bruce, David, Max, Mike, Mark, Ben, Tom, Izabel

Residents and visitors who enjoy using the barbecue and playground at Emery Reserve, next to Crooked River in Gerroa, can now access new toilets and shower facilities as well.

Our construction crew has stripped out the amenities block, installing brand-new internal ceilings, walls, tiling, plumbing, lighting, cisterns, wash basins and hand dryers.

The same team is also updating the amenities at Lloyd Rees Reserve at Werri Beach.

Both these projects were made possible by Special Rate Variation funding.

Image: the construction crew of Bruce, David, Max, Ben, Tom and Izabel with Mike Dowd (Director Engineering and Works) and Clr. Mark Westhoff (centre).