Community Satisfaction Survey results

Published on 13 January 2021

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Mayor Mark Honey has welcomed the results of the latest Community Satisfaction Survey(PDF, 7MB) showing residents continue to be happy with Kiama Council services.

Clr. Honey said 70 per cent of residents surveyed were satisfied overall with Council services over the past 12 months.

“Kiama Council has consistently recorded high levels of satisfaction with residents in these surveys since 2011,” Clr. Honey said.

“We also continue to outperforming comparable New South Wales councils when it comes to providing services.”

The survey, conducted by IRIS Research, found:

  • There were no low performing services
  • Most services and facilities recorded high satisfaction ratings

Clr. Honey said Kiama outperformed comparable councils in maintaining public toilets, local roads, bike paths, parks and gardens, footpaths, rock pools and beaches.

“Achieving a high level of satisfaction with our maintenance program is particularly pleasing given our decision to seek a special rate variation to ensure we could keep our facilities, reserves and other infrastructure well-looked after.”

“I also note an increased satisfaction with our public toilets, following our significant efforts to upgrade our amenities.”

Council also performed strongly in the survey when it came to services for older people as well as recreation facilities such as Kiama Leisure Centre.

“This again confirms the incredibly high-standard of services Council staff and volunteers provide to our community.”

“It shows the high-level of appreciation our community has for their efforts.”

“To receive this acknowledgement, despite the challenges due to COVID lockdowns and restrictions, makes this all the more satisfying.”

Clr Honey said the challenges of COVID also revealed residents want more support for young people.

“Our SENTRAL Youth Services team performed magnificently in difficult circumstances in 2020 to support our young residents.”

“However, this survey confirms the strong feeling in our community that Council should be doing more in this area.”

Other findings from the survey include:

  • Residents want to be more involved in and informed about Council decisions.
  • Their highest priority for Council was creating places that all members of the community can use and feel safe, ahead of being financially sustainable and supporting local businesses and creating local jobs.
  • They also overwhelmingly nominated additional car parking in town centres as the Council project they’d most like to see happen.
  • Residents continue to be concerned about the lack of choice when it comes to local supermarkets.
  • They also remain concerned about over-development (especially high-rise apartment blocks), service delivery, housing affordability, overpopulation and impacts on the rural/village feel of our area.

Clr Honey said the results of the survey would provide a focus for Council in 2021 and beyond.

“Knowing where residents believe we can improve or should shift our focus to is the truly invaluable part of these surveys.”

“I know this will guide the work of the current Council, as well as the next Council which will take shape after the local government elections in September.”

Clr Honey said he was heartened by the response of residents when asked what was the one best thing about living in Kiama.

Residents nominated the region’s beaches, ocean and rivers, their community and its friendliness and access to community services ahead of many other positive attributes.

“Despite everything the last year has thrown at us, we still have a great appreciation for what we have, rather than worrying about what we don’t.”


Community Satisfaction Survey 2020 - Final Report(PDF, 7MB)

Community Satisfaction Survey 2020 - Online Results(PDF, 6MB)



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