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Published on 22 June 2022

minnamurra headland mowing

Kiama Council is making progress with services such as mowing and maintenance after recent weather events, while we’re still experiencing challenges in other areas and we ask our community to be patient as we work through this.

The recent sunny and windy weather has dried things out, so we’ve made good progress with our mowing schedule. Our roads and maintenance crews are also back on track, with some delays to smaller non-urgent jobs and larger repairs that require more extensive construction work.  

However, due to various factors including COVID and influenza, staff accessing leave, current Australia-wide difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff, as well as Council’s financial issues, we are still under-resourced in many areas.

Council is working to reduce and remedy the gaps, but it will take some time and we appreciate the community’s understanding.

When dealing with Council over the next few weeks, please be aware of the following:


Customer Service

Our Customer Service team are available to assist you via, phone or at the counter.

Please note that due to a high workload, some tasks handled by Customer Service are taking a little longer to finalise, and we appreciate your patience at this time.


Environmental Health and compliance

Complaints relating to Environment and Health and compliance issues will be triaged and only urgent, high-risk complaints are able to be attended to within 24 hours.

Non-urgent Environmental Health issues may take up to 7 days for a response.

Please be aware that many compliance matters are complex and require significant staff resources, which are limited at present. Again, we thank you for your patience if you’re experiencing delays.

Please ensure all temporary food stall applications are submitted at least 14 days prior to the proposed event to ensure we are able to process your application in time.


Development Applications (DAs)

P lease take advantage of our DA advice services and read the information provided about preparing and lodging your DA to assist us to process your DA in a timely way.

Our current average processing time for DAs is 80-100 days but this very much depends on the complexity of the DA and our team’s workload.


Roads and Maintenance works

Our patching crew has been working hard to fill pot holes, repair damage and make safe where possible and has made good progress after damage from recent heavy weather events. There have been some delays due to staff illnesses and many larger jobs that require scoping and construction work are still outstanding

Please use our Report It portal to let us know of any road repair issues.

Engineering and Civil Works

While recent wet weather delayed many of our projects, most are back on track. However, staffing levels and illnesses mean some smaller and non-urgent jobs have been pushed back to the next asset maintenance program.



We have made good progress on our mowing schedule, due to the recent sunny and windy weather drying out the grounds.

Kiama Downs, Gainsborough and Minnamurra are finally firm enough for us to run the tractor and we will be focusing on the Minnamurra Headland and the bike paths between Minnamurra and Jamberoo in the coming weeks.

Down south we've cut back the verges on the on/off ramps to the freeway at Fern St, Belinda St and the old Princes Highway near Foxground. We’re also getting back into the reserves and heading south toward Gerroa.

We also have crews working in Kiama and Kiama Heights.

The Parks & Gardens crew are scheduled to have a last run-through of each area to prepare and treat pathway edges. In an ordinary season, this work would be finishing around now, and we would focus on lifting tree canopies for mowers to pass freely underneath, as well as mulching some gardens. This work may not be completed this season due to the extreme wet weather we have experienced.

To use our Report it portal to notify us of issues with overgrown vegetation or fill out our online feedback form.  

Waste and Cleaning work

We have launched our new, online waste calendars, which are valid from 1 July. Access yours from our Waste and Recycling page.

Our cleaning and waste crews are currently stretched due to illness, injury, leave and difficulties in recruiting staff.

We are focusing on ensuring the core duties are undertaken and we look forward to attending the less-urgent tasks once our workforce is back up to normal levels. 


Blue Haven

Due to current COVID-19 exposures, Blue Haven has extra precautions in place, in line with the advice from the NSW Department of Health.

Family and friends are required to book their visit with reception, ensure they are fully vaccinated against influenza and COVID-19 and take a temperature, symptom and RAT test on arrival. Visitors are strongly encouraged to get a booster vaccine if they are eligible for one.

See our latest Blue Haven COVID update for more information. 




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