Council unveils $4.24m road repair program

Published on 22 December 2022

Workers moving pipe on Jamberoo Mtn Road

Kiama Council has unveiled a $4.24 million construction program to repair Jamberoo Mountain and other local roads damaged by storms and landslides.

Council thanks both the NSW and Australian Government for their funding support for this project through the NSW Disaster Assistance initiative.

Jamberoo Mountain Road, Wallaby Hill Road, Foxground Road, Cliff Drive and Gipps Street were all damaged during storms and flooding in March and July 2022.

The extensive work required to reopen Jamberoo Mountain Road and Wallaby Hill Road includes complex repairs at six different locations.

The repairs involve the construction of concrete piles that are anchored into rock to support the road or soil nails to stabilise slopes before the road can be then reconstructed.

The work at Foxground Road, Cliff Drive and Gipps Street requires the construction of a gabion basket retaining wall to support the road, then reconstruction of the road.

Council has contracted Civic and Civic Group, RIX Group and GT Civil to carry out the work.

Awarding the work to the three different firms is intended to complete the work as quickly as possible and be cost-effective.

Given the complexity of the project, Council has included contingency funding into construction program, to cater for any variations.

Work at sites such as Foxground Road, Cliff Road and Gipps Street, due to the smaller scale of the damage or relative simplicity of the construction work, will commence early in the new year.

Jamberoo Mountain and Wallaby Hill Road, with extensive damage and complex solutions, first need significant preparatory work for the custom-designed concrete piles and soil nails before they are installed.

The designs and works program were developed using an experienced, qualified geotechnical engineering consultancy recommended by the NSW and Australian Governments.

They were also rigorously reviewed by Kiama Council and Transport for NSW engineers.

Feedback from community members on progress, risks and the designs has also been considered. 

The work is fully funded by the Natural Disaster Recovery Assistance initiative. Transport for NSW is administering this Commonwealth funding.

You can track the progress of the Roads Repair Construction Program 2022-23.

Photo: the repairs to Jamberoo Mountain Rd will once again use concrete piles that were installed to repair section of road damaged in 2020