Giant Parramatta grass

Published on 23 March 2023

roadside mowing at gerringong

Kiama Council has paused our roadside mowing operations while spraying of Giant Parramatta grass takes place.

Giant Parramatta grass (GPG) is a tall, aggressive perennial grass (native to tropical Asia) that poses an emerging threat to our local dairy industry.

The grass invades pastures and replaces productive grass types used for grazing.

It is currently in seed, which means it can be easily spread by water, wind and machinery (it can produce as much as 85,000 seeds per square metre).

The Illawarra District Weeds Authority is currently spraying for GPG in our area, targeting select roads to protect local dairies and other farming assets.

While this is underway, we have halted our mowing of roadside vegetation, to help make this operation as effective as possible.

We will resume our work once we get the ‘all clear’ from the Authority.

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