Happy World Engineering Day

Published on 04 March 2023


Happy World Engineering Day (4 March) from Kiama Council to all our hard-working engineers!

Kiama Council has always been a place where our best and brightest young engineers can make their mark.

As a smaller council, our engineers are able to work on a wide variety of projects.

Currently this ranges from important but simple jobs such as designing new footpaths and cycleways, to extremely complex and challenging large-scale projects such as the repairs to Jamberoo Mountain Road.

World Engineering Day is only a recent arrival on our calendars, established by the United Nations in 2020 as a celebration of engineers and engineering.

It’s an opportunity to highlight engineering achievements in our modern world, how it is central to modern life, and critical in sustainable development.

The challenges our engineers face today include the impacts of climate change, environmental protection and our growing cities.

Photo: Our engineering team includes Bryce Hammond, Nathan Zaremski, Lachlan Adams and Cheyne Dick-Lenehan

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