Do not access Jamberoo Mountain Road

Published on 16 September 2020

Landslip on Jamberoo Mountain Road - July 2020

The Road was closed after a landslip severely damaged the road above Misty Lane.  Gates and signage have been installed to prevent access and plenty of warning signs are setup along the road well before drivers reach the Mountain.

Sadly the gates have been smashed several times and drivers are accessing the closed road.  This is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous behaviour. Driving within the closed section of road puts your life at risk. Please do not enter the area even if the gates are down.

We are also getting reports of some people trying to bypass the gates by driving through neighbouring properties causing damage to property and distress to the owners due to the drivers’ anti-social behaviour.

We will be installing more barriers, stronger gates and extra signage to reinforce the CLOSED ROAD message.

We are also working with the police to apprehend the offenders.  Chief Inspector Dunlop from Lake Illawarra Police has asked for residents that observe illegal or anti-social activity to call the Oak Flats police station on 02 4232 5599. Patrol cars will visit the area periodically and can respond to specific issues if they are raised. 

We are working with the NSW Government to repair and reopen Jamberoo Mountain Road as quickly as possible.

Until this time, Jamberoo Mountain Road remains closed, with Macquarie Pass as the alternative route.

Local residents only can access their properties from Jamberoo up to Misty Lane and from Robertson to the Barren Grounds turnoff.


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