Jamberoo Mountain Update

Published on 20 March 2023

Map of road repairs - March 2023

Kiama Council staff and contractors are making good progress repairing Jamberoo Mountain Road.

Our contractors have been busy at Site B and D at Jamberoo Mountain.

This involves manufacturing, drilling and filling 78 piles that are required to stabilise the downhill side of the road in these sections.

They’ve also been able to lay the capping beam for Site D to further secure the 32 piles in that stretch of the road.

Preliminary earthworks have also been done in Site C, which will eventually stabilise the uphill side of the road.

Once the work has progressed enough on these sections, crews will be able to access Site A, to start on that.


Work is also coming along on Foxground Road, despite the challenging conditions.

The crews there have established the first levels of the cage and gabion baskets that will stabilise the road.

This task, while smaller, is made challenging as the work is being done within an active rivulet.

This means even a small amount of rain makes safe work impossible.

Nonetheless, the team there has managed to install two of the four rows of baskets needed so far.

Once we have completed the work at Foxground Road, the crew there will be able to move on to Gipps Drive and Cliff Road, which involve similar repairs.

Work on Wallaby Hill Road will commence shortly.

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