Jamberoo free camping stays shut ​

Published on 23 September 2021

Aerial photo of Jamberoo

Kiama Council approved the continued closure of the Kevin Walsh Oval free camping area at Jamberoo at this week’s ordinary meeting on 21 September, 2021.

The Jamberoo free camping area was closed in April 2020 as a response to COVID restrictions put in place at that time, and also due to a series of complaints made to Council by locals about hygiene, health, security and anti-social behaviour impacts from some campers.

Council noted that, while camping had occurred at the site previously, no consent or approval had been given under Council’s LEP and the Local Government Act permitting camping at Kevin Walsh Oval Jamberoo.

Should any future Council wish to resume the use, under the site’s current zoning (RE1 – Public Recreation), a Development Application would be needed to approve free camping at the spot.

Acknowledging that the community hold differing views about the matter,Council did not rule out longer-term options for free camping at Kevin Walsh Oval or other appropriate spots in Kiama LGA.

For any camp site to be considered by Council, it requires a Development Application and budget allocation for booking systems, signage, facilities and maintenance.