Kiama welcomes new Mayor and Deputy Mayor

Published on 11 January 2022


Kiama’s new Councillors have elected Clr. Neil Reilly as Mayor and Clr. Imogen Draisma as Deputy Mayor.

Both will serve until September 2023 in their positions.

Their election followed the swearing in of the newly-elected Councillors at their first meeting this afternoon.

The new Council members are:

Clr. Matt Brown

Clr. Mark Croxford

Clr. Imogen Draisma

Clr. Jodi Keast

Clr. Stuart Larkins

Clr. Neil Reilly

Clr. Karen Renkema-Lang

Clr. Kathy Rice

Clr. Warren Steel

The new Council will serve a three-year term, rather than the normal four, due to the 12-month delay of local government elections due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Councillor profiles and a list of meeting dates are available from our website:

Kiama CEO Jane Stroud said: “On behalf of all Kiama Municipal Council staff, I’d like to formally welcome our new and returning Councillors and congratulate the new Mayor and Deputy Mayor on their election.” 

Image L-R: Kathy Rice, Jodi Keast, Stuart Larkins, Imogen Draisma, Mark Croxford, Neil Reilly, Matt Brown, Warren Steel, Karen Renkema-Lang


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