Leisure Centre photovoltaic system

Published on 28 August 2020

Handover of photovoltaic system at Kiama Leisure Centre

Kiama Leisure Centre is the latest Council building to be equipped with a photovoltaic power system, reducing our carbon footprint and electricity bill as well.

Director Environmental Services, Jessica Rippon, said the Kiama Leisure Centre was Council’s our most energy-intensive facility, given the need to power the swimming pool filtration and heating systems.

“The Leisure Centre now has a 99.6kW photovoltaic system which will produce around 148,000 kWh of electricity per year. That is approximately 25 to 30 per cent of the Centre’s annual power consumption,” Mrs Rippon said.

“This means an emissions saving of 128 tonnes of CO2 a year. It will also reduce the Leisure Centre’s annual electricity bill by more than $15,000.”

Mrs Rippon said the savings would be used to pay back the cost of the new system to Council’s Revolving Energy Fund.

“The Revolving Energy Fund was established in 2017 to finance energy-efficiency installations and upgrades to Council buildings and infrastructure.”

“The Fund has helped deliver a photovoltaic system for Kiama Library. It has also funded an LED upgrade for all 80W streetlights in the Municipality.”

The Revolving Energy Fund and these projects are part of Kiama Council’s commitments as founding member of the Cities Power Partnership.

Further Information:   www.citiespowerpartnership.org.au