Right to Know Week NSW 2022

Published on 26 September 2022

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Right to Know Week NSW (26 September – 2 October) is aimed at raising awareness of a person’s right to access government held information.

In NSW, you have a right to access government information which is protected under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act).

This year’s theme is ‘Artificial Intelligence, e-Governance & Access to Information: Next steps in NSW digital government’. 

Government service delivery in NSW is increasingly digital, and more information is being collected, stored and applied using digital technology.

These services allow NSW citizens to have more convenient transactions with government, are changing the way government handles information, and should make it easier for citizens to access government information.

Government held information can include records and data about how a government agency works.

There are four ways you can access government held information in NSW: 

  • Open access information 
  • Authorised proactive release 
  • Informal release of information 
  • Access application (also known as a formal application) for the release of information.

You have a right to access information from Kiama Council, either from our website as open access information, or through an informal request or a formal request:


The Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) can also help you understand information access laws in NSW and give you information on how to assert your rights:


Kiama Council is a proud Champion of Right to Know Week NSW 2022.

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