Statement on 47 Thomson Street

Published on 20 July 2020

Aerial photo of central Kiama

A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) was issued by a private certifier for the demolition of the existing dwelling. This was issued by the Private Certifier late last year. 

A CDC can be issued for a wide range of developments for blocks which are not constrained and this can occur without the involvement of Council in the assessment process. 

In December 2019 Council was made aware of the heritage significance of the site and as a result placed an Interim Heritage Order over the site at this time.  

This Interim Heritage Order meant that demolition was placed on hold as the CDC could not be acted upon whilst an order was in place. Council can only place Interim heritage orders over properties for a period of 6 months. 

During this six months Council has undertaken a comprehensive assessment of the heritage value of the site. There were some delays experienced in conducting this assessment as the owner initially refused entry into the property. 

The CDC approved by a private certifier in December 2019 still remained valid and as the Interim Heritage Order lapsed in late June, the owner demolished the building today. 

Council was not notified of the impending demolition and this is outside of the required regulations. Council is further investigating this breech in due process. 

This demolition has occurred prior to the Heritage report going before Council.  Once demolished Council can no longer take further action to protect the heritage value of the site. 

The heritage report and value was finalised and is the subject of a Council report to this Tuesday’s meeting seeking the inclusion of the site in the Heritage Register. 

Council is currently assessing a development application for the demolition of the dwelling at 47 Thompson Street and the construction of a multi-unit development at this site. This application has not yet been determined by Council. 

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