Storm Damage Update

Published on 05 July 2022


Mayor Neil Reilly has encouraged local residents affected by the current storms and floods to access disaster funding support.

Cr Reilly has welcomed the overnight decision to make disaster funding available to 23 local governments areas across NSW, including the Kiama municipality.

“Many of us, including Council, are still dealing with the disastrous storms and floods of March, so being hit by another round of storm and flood damage is especially difficult,” Cr Reilly said   

“I thank the NSW and Australian Governments for moving swiftly to provide support through the Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).”

Information on the DRFA is available from the National Recovery and Resilience Agency website:

Director Engineering and Works Mike Dowd said Council itself would seek DRFA support to help with repairs to Jamberoo Mountain Road.

“The storms and flooding have caused a number of landslips and tree falls along Jamberoo Mountain Road particularly between The Abbey and Misty’s Lane,” Mr Dowd said.

“More than 60 metres of road has totally failed at one site, with the landslip and flood waters eroding the base and fracturing the tarmac.”

Mr Dowd said Jamberoo Mountain Road was now closed to all through traffic between The Abbey and Misty’s Lane and motorists needed to use Macquarie Pass or Picton Road.

The closure is expected to last several months.

Local residents below The Abbey can still access their properties from Jamberoo while residents above Misty's Lane need to access their properties from the Robertson end of Jamberoo Mountain Road.

Visitors can still reach the Illawarra Fly from Robertson and Minnamurra Falls from Jamberoo.

Mr Dowd said Council faced a significant amount of work and significant costs to undertake the clean-up and repair the damaged section of road.

“To have a total road failure of such a size and in such a difficult location means this is not going to be easy, quick or cheap to fix.”

“We are still looking at a number of months and a major bill to get it back in operation.”

Cr Reilly said Council was already in discussions with the NSW Government about Jamberoo Mountain Road.

“Our CEO Jane Stroud yesterday talked to Resilience NSW to discuss the major challenge this presents not just to our municipality, but our region.”

“Jamberoo Mountain Road is a vital part of the Illawarra’s road network and when it’s out of action it presents more than an inconvenience to residents and tourists, it has a real-world effect on our region’s economy.”

Cr Reilly asked motorists to plan their trips with a detour via Macquarie Pass or Picton Road in mind.

“This weather will still be with us for a few more days, so please be careful on the road and also avoid our beaches and waterways until things settle down.”

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