Tender for Jamberoo Mountain Road

Published on 25 September 2020

Contractors drilling for samples beneath Jamberoo Mountain Road

Work to repair Jamberoo Mountain Road will soon reach the construction phase, with tenders being called to conduct the repairs.

Jamberoo Mountain Road has been closed since being severely damaged by flooding and a landslip in July.

Council has been working with NSW Public Works Advisory to reopen the road by Christmas, and are now seeking tenders to build a new supporting structure and restore the road.

Consultants have designed the new retaining wall structure after completing detailed geotechnical investigations and hydrological assessments.

Construction tenders must be lodged by 22 October, with the successful tenderer appointed soon after.

It’s anticipated work on the wall will begin early November, to hopefully allow the road to be open by Christmas.

Council reminds drivers that the road remains closed to through traffic, and to use Macquarie Pass instead.

Local residents can continue to access their properties from Jamberoo up to Misty Lane and from Robertson to the Barren Grounds turnoff.

Visitor attractions such as Minnamurra Rainforest and Illawarra Fly are also accessible. 

NSW Police are monitoring the road after motorists destroyed the safety gates, to access the road.

Neighbouring properties have also been used to try to bypass the safety barriers.

Attempts to enter the damaged section of road are illegal and extremely dangerous and should be reported to NSW Police on (02) 4232 5599.

Council has applied for natural disaster funding from the NSW and Australian governments for the repairs.