Create to Connect Artist Expression of Interest

  • Project typeYouth Arts
  • Completion Date31 March 2022
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Council is seeking Expressions of Interest from local artists for its Create to Connect program. Create to Connect is a youth-driven creative arts project that aims to engage young people in the community and empower them to develop their creative abilities. 

By linking young people with opportunities for skill development, facilitating inter-generational mentoring, and opportunity to showcase their work, the project aims to promote and leverage the mental health and well-being benefits of the arts to help young people to increase their feelings of resilience and connection.

Create to Connect has been funded to include visual arts, film, and music performance and production. While we hope to facilitate young people’s engagement in the established forms of these art types, Council is keen for oppotunitites to think outside the box, and engage young people in new and novel ways.

We would like to hear from Kiama's creatives and artists about what you have to offer, and how you might like to engage young people in the arts. 

While we have the scope to engage anyone between the ages of 12 and 25 years, the majority of our interested cohort have historically been those aged between 14-20 years.

Our first activities and workshops are planned to begin May 2021, with the project wrapping up in March 2022.

Expressions of Interest applications close: Midnight Sunday 16 May 2021