Draft Community Strategic Plan 2022 - 2032

Submissions closed on 21 June 2022, 04:00 PM

Jamberoo CSP post it notes

“Throughout all of our engagement, with communities over time, of different locations and priorities we heard; Kiama Municipality is much beloved.”

On exhibition are three key strategic documents about the community’s 10+ year vision for the Kiama Municipality: 

Draft Kiama Community Strategic Plan - 2022-2032.pdf(PDF, 694KB)

Draft Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget - 2022-2032.pdf(PDF, 3MB)

Draft Long Term Financial Plan - 2022-2032.pdf(PDF, 8MB)

We also have the Draft Fees & Charges 2022-23 document on exhibition:

Draft-Fees-And-Charges-2022-23.pdf(PDF, 5MB)

We are keen to hear your feedback on these documents.

We will use the feedback to review the draft documents, determine where we are getting the vision right, and where the community has any concerns or feedback that require further consideration.

We are aware that there are other current and highly-publicised issues that you might want to have your say about.

To ensure that we can collect and report your feedback correctly to councillors and the community, we ask that you comment in the relevant “Have Your Say” survey, rather than in all 3, so that we can use the feedback constructively.

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To develop the Community Strategic Plan Council has taken care to ask, engage and research. We have engaged on a wide range of significant issues over the past four years. We have also engaged with deliberation to ask “what matters to you” through workshops, surveys and submissions. We have reflected on reports of community satisfaction, explored and distilled regional strategies, assessed our role in contributing to State plans and looked at ways we can collaborate to best achieve the vision of our community. We considered our place in the region and in the broader context of our surrounding cities of Sydney and Canberra.  The Community Strategic Plan is our response.  The priorities of the community have been grouped into 5 pillars to reflect the values and aspirations we heard;

  1. Belong & contribute 
  2. Thrive in a sustainable environment  
  3. Create a strong and diverse economy 
  4. Are part of a connected and liveable community  
  5. Expect accountable and transparent leadership; a financially sustainable Council  

The CSP is a whole of community document, with many people needed to contribute to its success.

It is a roadmap that we can all use to guide us.

The vision is future-focused.

It describes what people love and value about the Kiama LGA and how they want it to evolve.

It will guide Kiama Council’s work, as well as inform many State & regional partners such as NSW Government and Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation.

Council decisions will use the CSP Vision to help create the Municipality that our communities want, for current and future generations.

Council also responds to these community values and aspirations by setting out specific strategies, plans, actions and measurements that outline exactly how we will help communities build their desired future in our Delivery Program and Operational Plan.  

These strategies and actions are our commitment to contributing to making the CSP vision reality.  It’s like the set of directions for Council; the specific details of the roadmap to get to where we are going.

There are a range of other strategies that underpin Council’s response to the CSP.

This includes the Long-Term Financial Plan (also on exhibition here) and other major resourcing strategies underpinned by internal plans including the Workforce Management Plan and Asset Management Plans.