Jamberoo Heritage Review

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As part of the Kiama Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS), the community strongly identified the need to protect existing heritage buildings.

Theme 5 of the LSPS is Foster vibrant and accessible places.

The theme includes 3 Planning Priorities, one of which is to identify and safeguard areas and items of heritage significance.

As part of this Planning Priority, we've identified a number of actions, including the establishment of a holistic review program to review the exiting heritage register contained in Schedule 5 of the LEP 2011.

The Kiama Town Centre Heritage review was the first component of this holistic review program.

The Jamberoo Heritage Register is the second component of this review due to the number of heritage items and current heritage anomalies.

Council has established a Jamberoo Heritage Review Group of members from the Kiama & District Historical Society Group who will assist with the project.

Council has appointed Niche Environment and Heritage to undertake the Jamberoo Heritage Review. 

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What is the Jamberoo Heritage Review project scope?

Council is currently going through the tender process to engage a suitably qualified heritage consultant to undertake the Jamberoo Heritage Review.

The heritage review’s tasks are grouped into 2 main areas of focus:

  1. Heritage Review of existing and potential heritage items and/or areas in Jamberoo:
    1. Review approximately 40 items within the study area, and provide recommendations and justification for their listing. Includes existing items that could be removed from the heritage list.
    2. Provide recommendations and justification for 2-4 potential heritage conservation areas within the study area, to be formulated.
  2. Update associated inventory sheets for existing items within the Study Area and items proposed as part of this Review.

The heritage review task needs to consider the recommendations of the Jamberoo Heritage Review Group and provide commentary about implications on heritage items and heritage character of Jamberoo Village and surrounding valley.

What is Jamberoo Heritage Review Group's role in the project?

The Jamberoo Heritage Review Group is formed of:

  • 3 members of the Kiama & District Historical Society
  • Council’s Strategic Planner
  • Council's Manager Strategic Planning.

The review group has commenced a review of the existing items listed in Schedule 5, within or near the study area, as well as the recommendations of the Simpson Dawbin Pty Ltd Heritage Study 2000-2004.

The purpose of this review is to provide recommendations to the successful consultant on potential sites/areas to be included in Schedule 5 of the LEP.

The findings and recommendations of the Reference Group will be supplied to the successful consultant at the first meeting.

The review Group anticipate to provide 40 properties/buildings that warrant investigation to potentially be added to the heritage list, along with 2-4 potential areas that could be identified as ‘heritage conservation areas’.

The heritage review will be carried out according to Heritage NSW published guidelines including Assessing Heritage Significance with a focus on addressing the potential heritage values of potential items including historic, associative, aesthetic and representative values.