Kiama Development Control Plan 2020 feedback

Submissions closing on 28 June 2021, 04:00 PM

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Have you submitted a Development Application to Kiama Council?

Maybe you've searched the Kiama Development Control Plan (DCP) 2020 to check if there is potential for development?

Was it easy to navigate? Simple to find on our website? Did you find it difficult and challenging?

We're doing some housekeeping on our Development Control Plan, and want your feedback.

First, read our section on the proposed DCP changes we would like to implement.

You can then:

Help us to make it, and its related guidelines, more user-friendly and efficient by sharing your experiences or suggestions.

We want you to:

  • share your past experiences, challenges or difficulties (what works well and what could be improved) with the DCP
  • review the current DCP and Guidelines to consider and recommend efficiencies
  • share innovative and strategic ideas
  • participate where possible in the ongoing development of our DCP and Guidelines.

Your voice plays an important role in helping Council in its decision-making.

The proposed DCP changes

Council adopted the Kiama Development Control Plan (DCP) in April 2020.

Since then, we've identified some amendments needed for the Kiama Development Control Plan (DCP):

  • Restructure (completed and adopted)
  • Environmental Health Guidelines
  • Heritage Review
  • Kiama Town Centre Review
  • Housing Review
  • Engineering Specifications.

The changes we propose to the current DCP are to:

  • remove references to documents and policies that have been repealed.
  • shift more technical controls and information on environmental and health matters into supporting Guideline documents.

Minor amendments to the DCP include:

Chapter 3: Common Requirements

Topic 3.1 - Waste Minimisation and Management

  • Move existing waste controls from the DCP and into a Draft Waste Management for Proposed Development Guideline.

Topic 3.4 - Utilities and Infrastructure

  • Update exiting onsite sewage management controls so they refer to our updated Onsite Sewage Management System Guideline.

Chapter 6: Residential Accommodation

Topic 6.3 - Homes Businesses, Industries and Occupations

  • Move existing controls and design details into a Food Premises Guideline and a Beauty Premises Guideline.

Chapter 7: Commercial Premises

Topic 7.1 - Business Premises

  • Move existing controls into a Beauty Premises Guideline.

Topic 7.2 - Retail Premises

  • Move technical controls and design details into a Food Premises Guideline.

Chapter 10: Visitor Accommodation and Tourism

Topic 10.3 - Short Term Rental Accommodation (STRA).

  • Change title to Topic 10.3 Serviced Apartments. This will address the fact that STRA does not require development consent (DCP controls are only called upon when assessing a DA), which means that the existing DCP controls have no purpose. It will also mean that Serviced Apartments (permitted with consent in certain areas) are defined and included in the DCP.

New topic for Chapter 10

Introduction of Topic 10.5 - Events

  • A new topic that will contain development controls for community and private events. It will reference the Kiama Events Toolkit, which will be rebranded as our Events Guideline.

Your feedback into our review of the DCP is important to us, and is outlined by our Kiama Community Participation Plan (CPP) 2019.


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